House Whip says “we’ve already begun” impeachment, it’s “inevitable”


House Majority Whip James Clyburn said today that impeachment of the President is inevitable and has “already begun.” They wouldn’t get it passed yet, Clyburn says, although the majority in the House wants to impeach the President, because the timing is off. They feel they are winning and just have to convince Americans.

When they get the public on their side, they will move ahead.

Democrats believe Mueller has developed the grounds for impeachment and the House has to develop the timing. That’s what House Judiciary Chair Nadler’s probe is about, as he said himself, to make Americans understand that the President needs to be impeached.

Clyburn told Jake Tapper on State of the Union Sunday that he never said he shouldn’t be impeached, but the timing has to be right.

Why Clyburn? If the President is such a lawless criminal, get him out of there right away, fool. The President has 48% popularity and Congress has about 15%, maybe we should impeach Congress.

This is a political game to these people.


At about 02:30 on the next clip, Clyburn says they have begun impeachingment, that’s what they’ve been doing with their committees.

Jake Tapper said in the way of a question, “It sounds like you think the President will be impeached, or at least proceedings will begin in the House, just not right now.”

“Yes, exactly what I feel. I think we’ve already begun it. We got all of the of these committees doing their work, we’re having hearings. We’ve already won two court cases and there are other cases still to be determined.”

Clyburn says they’re winning this issue and why should they go out and make missteps and lose a court decision.

It isn’t the President who is lawless and violating the Constitution, it’s the Democrats who have wanted to impeach him since he won election. It’s not only about hating Donald Trump, it’s about hating half the country and their values.


If they do impeach him, the veterans group Rolling Thunder plans to ride on D.C. and demand the proceedings stop.


Nadler told Politico this week that they will use TV and other forms of media to inundate Americans and make them understand President Trump needs to be impeached.

“Impeachment is a political act, and you cannot impeach a president if the American people will not support it,” he said, according to Politico.

Nadler thinks the only reason American people don’t support it is we are too uninformed and too stupid. He will “educate” us “in a way we’ve never been before.”

“Nadler emphasized that he intends to use the next few weeks to bring special counsel Robert Mueller’s report ‘to life,’ providing for a television audience the dramatic evidence that Mueller compiled about Trump’s efforts to thwart the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election,” Politico reported.

“The American people right now do not support it because they do not know the story. They don’t know the facts. We have to get the facts out. We have to hold a series of hearings, we have to hold the investigations.”



    • They will find out what the score is when we remove them, by force, if necessary to save our country. Hanging is one alternative as a result of their Sedition & Treason. They are like the child who does not heed his/her parent’s warning and then complains when he/she is restricted from all activities for the whole summer. This whip is just full of it and will need to see what happens
      The whole Mule er investigation was a scam by left wingers/communnists and we need to stand strong. Start wiping out the ANTIFA first, then move on to other targets.

  1. Ok demorats, Mulehead got caught editing a phone conversation between a whitehouse lawyer and Flynn’s Lawyer to make it look like Trump’s team was trying to obstruct justice, that ALONE questions the entire Mulehead report, what else have they twisted and edited in the 400 pages of toilet paper???? put this clown before the congress and senate so republicans can roast his a$$, Nadler won’t call him, the senate better do it!!!!!

  2. Impeachment for them may not go so well as planned. We’ve already seen two occasions where the Mueller report basically falsified evidence to draw a false conclusion in regards to Flynn and Papdopolous. What are the Democrats going to say and do when evidence such as this is revealed in hearings. If the report is so blatant in this, then what else is falsified. Maybe some charges should be filed accordingly.

  3. “They feel they are winning and just have to convince Americans.
    When they get the public on their side, they will move ahead.”
    OK, when will that be? When they get God on their side? When the goofs Nadler and Schiff present their claimed proof President Trump colluded with Russia, obstructed justice or even picks his nose they’ll have the public on their side? Trouble is they have no proof because it didn’t happen and the overwhelming majority of Americans know it didn’t happen.

  4. Has somebody mentioned to Clyburn that “discovery is a bitch”? Love the line that since Trump’s at 48% and Congress @ 15%, maybe we should impeach Congress.

  5. The clowns are still riding around in their little car looking for a place to unload. Time to require all leftist pols to wear red noses and orange wigs and floppy shoes as a part of their continued presence anywhere near DC.
    And, especially when on tv making their clownish statements. Which are actually wishes looking for fulfillment from the wish fairy. Who is out feeding the unicorn.
    Torches, pitchforks and ropes soon for the traitors in DC.
    More popcorn.

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