Houston Cab Driver Takes In Harvey the Hawk and Gets Bashed by Liberals


This is a feel-good story about a man, a bird of prey and an animal rescue. It’s almost a good story.

Houston cab driver William Bruso was returning to his vehicle when he found a Coopers hawk in his passenger seat. The bird wouldn’t leave so Bruso took him home with the intention of finding a shelter for him.

It is an odd thing for a bird like this to do. Perhaps he was domesticated or escaped a refuge. Who knows. Perhaps the storm was too much.

When he got the bird home, Mr. Bruso fed him raw chicken hearts and water. The happy raptor even got a name – Harvey the hurricane hawk.

Mr. Bruso put updates on YouTube and people began to follow along with this heartwarming human interest story. Then it happened. At 00:48, it was spotted! The man has a Confederate flag hanging in his family room.

Leftists have decided that the flag tells them all they need to know. Apparently, the bird savior isn’t allowed to hang a Confederate flag in his own home. We don’t even know why he has it but some people think they know all they need to know.

The comments started coming in

The story doesn’t end there. Rush Limbaugh told his millions of listeners about the story and the kindly cab driver. The positive comments now far outweigh any negative. Most people are good.

Some people were worried about Harvey but he is on his way to an animal rescue shelter.

The happy ending at last!


  1. How does one “corrupt” a hawk by feeding him meat and saving his life? Are these people deluded enough to think that birds of prey can subsist on a diet of seeds and soybeans?

  2. This reminds me of a video a while back, I believe may have been in Canada.

    There was some type of car show and a replica of the “General Lee” from the Dukes of Hazzard was parked on display. A woman there became unhinged and went ballistic, Over a Car, a car from a TV show. I guess the business that put the show on said it wouldn’t be allowed and was insensitive.

    If people get this hysterical over something benign they should, first and foremost, and quickly, check into a mental hospital. They will NEVER be able to cope with life in general.

    • Hats Off to the cabby and his successful saving of Harvey the Hawk! He is a good man despite his display of a flag that offends the whining babies who have nothing better to do than cry about the things they are stupidly offended by.

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