Houston Citgo Uses US Flag to Honor US-Hating Dictator


Citgo Houston

KHOU  in Houston posted the news that “the Venezuelan-owned oil refiner Citgo flew the flags outside its Houston offices [including the US flag] at half staff on Wednesday out of respect for President Hugo Chavez.”

The governor or the president has the power to lower our flags to half staff, not a Venezuelan oil company. It is not acceptable for the flag to be lowered for a socialist dictator from another country. This is a violation of US flag etiquette.

They are desecrating our flag, especially given the fact that Chavez was a US-hating dictator who called President Obama a clown and President Bush the devil. He famously said, “Let’s save the human race. Let’s finish off the US empire.”

This is the man for whom a US flag is lowered in Houston?

This should make people angry. Our military died for this flag and an action like this should not go unnoticed. It’s an in-our-face insult.

Boycott Citgo! I always do.

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