Houston Mayor Is Evacuating Now, Should Have Listened to Governor Abbott


Mayor Turner can’t find time to talk with the governor.

The Democrat mayor of Houston evacuated no one until the emergency conditions became apparent and he was annoyed when the Republican governor suggested people who could head north and had a place to go, should do so. There were reasons to believe an evacuation of some areas made sense as early as the 23rd.

By Wednesday, there was no doubt that a hurricane was roaring into Texas and Louisiana as reported by the National Hurricane Center. Rainfall from Harvey could cause life-threatening flooding across the region, the hurricane center predicted.

Harvey was expected to produce total rain accumulations of 10 to 15 inches with isolated maximum amounts of 20 inches over the middle and upper Texas coast and southwest Louisiana through next Tuesday.

The National Hurricane Center had this one nailed down and Democrat Mayor Sylvester Turner knew it. Yet he evacuated no one.

As Hurricane Harvey churned toward the Texas coast, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner told people to stay put. Don’t evacuate, he said. Ride out the storm.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott sounded a different note, telling Houstonians that if he were living in the area, he’d head north. “If you have the ability to evacuate and go someplace else for a little while, that would be good.”

Local officials, in response, doubled down on their advice: and told them not to go. They were angry with the governor.

Francisco Sanchez, spokesman for the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, joined in with his buddy the mayor and tweeted in response to Abbott’s warning.

It’s either 7 million or no one will be evacuated

The mayor said there could be no evacuation because he couldn’t get 6.9 million out of Houston. Other officials said they couldn’t get 2.3 million out of the city proper. Those are absurd statements. No one would need to order the evacuation of 7 million people. Evacuations are of limited areas, certainly the ones in the path of the worst part of the storm, along the coast and near levees. That should be done before emergency conditions.

Evacuating people from rooftops was deemed better than plucking them off highways apparently.

The mayor evacuated no one and the governor looks a lot more accurate.

Evacuation orders are being issued now and they are being increased. As Houston gets hit with heavy rainfall again, more evacuations are expected to be ordered. ABC News reported that 30,000 desperate people are expected to be in need of shelter. Droves are stranded and displaced.

Mainstream media is rushing to defend the mayor’s decision, but he’s evacuating areas he could have evacuated on the 23rd.

The Democrat mayor won’t talk to the Republican governor

Governor Abbott still hasn’t received a phone call back from the mayor. There is no feasible reason for the mayor to ignore the governor, other than partisan politics.  There are photos of the mayor on the phone all over Twitter. It seems he could fit in a phone call with the governor.

The timeline on the AP ticker shows the mayor has been making a lot of phone calls.

For example, here he is calling all his media friends.

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