How a Communist Will Defeat the United States



The gradual erosion of our culture, our values, beliefs in God and country haven’t been by accident but as the result of a movement from the far left which has infiltrated colleges, the media, and the arts. It took an aged red diaper baby from the 1960s to show us how bad it is.

While Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate, there is something else going on here.

Wall Street is able to damage the economy but that’s not the fault of Capitalism, it’s solely on the shoulders of not following Capitalism. It’s crony Capitalism also known as crony Corporatism or crony Socialism. Barack Obama is attempting to inculcate a leftist ethic into Capitalism by uniting Wall Street and DC under unelected bureaucrats in executive agencies in what Americans viewed in the past as an unholy alliance.

Americans no longer run their own country or have a say as to who comes here. The executive makes those decisions and enforces them through the many government agencies who make up the laws as they go along.

Bernie Sanders has won, even if he doesn’t. Last night he took 3 caucus states and the left-wing Huffington Post has an article up demonstrating why the believe Sanders, who is according to most of his ideology a communist, is beating Hillary.

“Both she and her team — including all her millions of supporters — should consider the fact that Hillary does not, outside the deep-red Deep South, do particularly well among voters when they’re given any other reasonable alternative, Huff Po’s Seth Abramson writes.

Bernie, a communist, is a “reasonable alternative.” Further, he states, “We already know, per head-to-head general-election polling, that the better candidate to run against Donald Trump is Bernie Sanders…”

The polls do show that.

CBS News reported:

Democrats are more than halfway through their nominating process, but voters nationwide are still split over which candidate they want to see in the White House, according to a new Bloomberg Politics poll.

The survey, released Thursday, shows that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is the first choice among 49 percent of Democrats who have voted or intend to vote in their primary contests. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, notches 48 percent of support. Three percent of voters say they are unsure.

Granted, people have been indoctrinated and many know nothing of history, but what they do know is they want wealth redistribution, the illogical social justice, and no wars to the point of not defending the nation and her allies. They don’t want morals to be even mentioned because it’s now up to each person to make the decision about what is right or wrong, multiculturalism is replacing the unity we felt as Americans, free speech is being pre-empted by political correctness, and totalitarians in government remain unchecked by an apathetic public.

The fact is that an ardent, longtime leftist, despite his age and angry persona, can come very close to winning and this is given the facts that he wants tax rates up to 90% so he can fund a huge welfare state while leaving the borders open and ignoring the dangers from having no foreign policy – which he doesn’t.

Bernie Sanders is paving the way for a future communist, a younger, good looking charmer to steal away the US presidency and it’s coming soon. We came close with Barack Obama and the next one will be worse.



  1. To Jake.. . He spoke like the rest of the Anti-Bernie crowd, only to shout-shit! They are too blind to realize that this Man(Sanders) actually has the right, differenct, and positive direction for America. The other bunch are from the same big pot of rotted and foul American Politics. The are truly afraid of changing the direction of their dogmatically instilled, and constantly failing political direction. The American people would rather have people (or things..) like Treasonous Hillary, Big-buck-mouthed Donald Trump, or any of the other vipers remaing in our political cauldron of filth and lies. Bernie is too clean, and honest for our Country!! Seems like the US functions well, only when it is run by either a selected crook, or a total idiot!!

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