How An Online University Pays For A Football Bowl & Scams Vets With Federal Dollars



So, did you hear about the Bridgepoint Education Bowl? Pretty odd that a college can support a football bowl, don’t you think? It’s odd because it is never, and I mean NEVER done!

The San Diego Company, which runs two online for-profit Ashland University campuses, attracts large numbers of students and fails to graduate almost as large a number. They do it while racking up federal dollars for their investors while not enriching students’ minds. They have no qualms about taking the GI Bill money while making false, high-pressure tactics to our veterans.

In other words, it’s a scam.

These bums are taking tuition from our soldiers and other young people, but not graduating them. They are a disgrace!

PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO AT 8:24 if you don’t have time to listen to the entire video. It will tear your heart out.

From Voice of San Diego: “I think this is a scam, an absolute scam,” Harkin said at the hearing. Earlier this month, U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin, an Iowa Democrat, held a Senate committee hearing focused exclusively on Bridgepoint, in which he criticized the company for spending considerably more on selling its services than teaching its students. Bridgepoint shouldn’t make record profits from federal loan programs, Harkin said, while most of its students were dropping out. The company, whose primary university is located in Harkin’s home state, had the highest student withdrawal rates of any for-profit school the senator’s committee studied.

Last month, Iowa’s attorney general launched an investigation of the company’s business practices and requested three years’ worth of Bridgepoint documents to inspect. And, in San Diego, former students and employees of Bridgepoint have accused the company of fraud and violating the state labor code in three class action lawsuits filed since the beginning of the year.

 The following graph shows how Bridgepoint spent the money on marketing themselves –


It’s not just for-profit colleges. Take a look at this: Occupy A College

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