How Bad Is the Dem Running for the Senate in AZ? That Bad!


Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic nominee for Senate in Arizona, once led an anti-war group that depicted soldiers as skeletons waging “terror” in the Middle East, The Daily Caller reported.

Local to Global Justice, a group Sinema co-founded, promoted a 2003 anti-Iraq War protest using flyers that read: “You can help us push back U.S. terror in Iraq and the Middle East.”

An anarchist group also participated in that rally and others.

The flyers were horrific.

Sinema was also listed as the point of contact for a pre-rally event to make protest signs. The website for the event highlights signs from past events, including, “Born to Kill, Born to Drill,” “My President Is A Psychopath,” “No Oilgarchy,” “We Burn Stuff (Written on an American Flag)” and “Who Elected this F***er?”

Reflecting on the rally a year later, in an interview with local media KTAR, Sinema said the war was about American access to oil. That’s a copout.

Far-left Politifact said they found no evidence of “disparaging troops”. She was simply protesting Bush and the Iraq war. As Newsbusters said, that’s typical liberal spin. They’re allegedly not protesting the people fighting the war, just the war. That’s spin, not fact.

Sinema was once a candidate for the communist Green Party.

In 2000, she worked for Leftist Ralph Nader’s campaign. Apparently, Al Gore was insufficiently leftist. She entered politics in 2002, running as a Green Party candidate for the Arizona House. She finished last.

he was a radical leftist when she first entered politics. Later on, as a member of Arizona House, she received honors from the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, and the National Association of Social Workers. Those are honors reserved only for the most radical.

Sinema now claims her views have changed, she loves the military, and never approved her group’s flyer.  It’s unrealistic to believe she changed that dramatically. People don’t go from hating the military to loving them.

The fact that she claims to be from a military family, makes her protests even more appalling to me.

The Arizona radical is challenging a former combat fighter pilot, Republican Martha McSally. She presents herself as a moderate but she’s more likely a faux moderate.

Sinema also wanted to protect men found with child prostitutes from being treated too harshly. Nothing like aiding and abetting pedophiles and child trafficking.

Quite a risky proposition voting for Sinema.



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