How Can This Be? More Votes Than Registered Voters in One Georgia Precinct


There were 670 ballots in one precinct with 276 registered voters in the Georgia primary, McClatchy reports.

Habersham County’s Mud Creek precinct in northeastern Georgia had 276 registered voters ahead of the state’s primary elections in May. Miraculously, 670 ballots were cast. A 243 percent turnout!

It puts a whole new meaning to the slogan, Get Out the Vote.

The information was included in a lawsuit against the state by activists concerned about the security of Georgia elections.

The problem is bad actors can download and manipulate the votes. A cybersecurity expert warned of flaws leading up to the 2016 election. The vulnerabilities permit bad actors to download and manipulate voter information.

There are other instances of voter fraud or incompetence. In one case, an Atlanta City Hall staffer claimed she had to “print and deliver 500 blank absentee ballots” to an advocacy group staffer and pick up additional ballots from the Atlanta mayor’s campaign office to drop them off at an office in Fulton County. It appears to have been incompetence, not fraud.

One article given to us by a reader attributes it to human error. The election might be overturned because Habersham County officials said they had the voters addresses placed in the wrong House district.

Some concerns evolve around Georgia’s electronic voting systems. Georgia is one of a handful of states, including New Jersey, South Carolina, Delaware, and Louisiana, that uses electronic voting machines that do not produce a paper trail for voters to verify their ballots.

It’s hard to audit without a paper trail.

Updated to include new information about the Habersham County issue.

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