How Courageous Navy SEALs Fell Victim to a Terrorist and His Bloody Lip


Photo of Navy SEAL, Matt McCabe

The Navy SEALs who captured The Butcher of Fallujah fell victim to a PC military and a terrorist with an absurd tale of abuse at the hands of the SEALs. The SEALs are now telling their haunting tale but will anyone listen? So far the only media outlet interested is Fox News.

In April, 2004, the Blackwater Security Consulting convoy delivering food in Fallujah was either stopped or the men in the convoy were shot down before they could stop.

What happened next was so unspeakable that one can only pray that the men were dead before the convoy was boarded by three al-Qaida operatives, which included The Butcher of Fallujah. We know the bodies of the four men in the security detail were beaten, burned, beheaded, dragged through the streets, and two were hanged from a bridge. One was dragged behind a car on a tow rope with villagers, including women and children, cheering the debacle. It was ordinary townspeople who joined in the savagery.


The townspeople rejoice in their savagery as two bodies hang on the bridge behind them.

Blackwater confirmed that the four murdered men were retired Special Operations forces — three Navy SEALs and one Army Ranger.

Before these murders and after, The Butcher of Fallujah was known to have tortured and murdered hundreds of Iraqis and other soldiers.

On September 1 2009, Navy SEAL Team 10 went out to find and capture the Butcher of Fallujah, Ahmad Hasmim Adb Al-Isawi. On the night of his capture, the Butcher somehow sustained a bloody lip.

Ahmad accused the SEALs of giving him the bloody lip, as captured terrorists routinely do, the SEALs denied it, and a doctor said the minor wound appeared to have been self-inflicted.

Ahmad claimed he was beaten and stomped on by men in boots. The SEALs, who were off-duty, were wearing flip-flops. Ahmad’s tale was preposterous – his only wound was the bloody lip.

The SEALs were denied legal counsel and, after weeks, were ordered to sign confessions and accept a demotion. They refused and insisted on facing a court-martial to exonerate themselves.

There was no evidence and the prosecutor’s case was shredded in court.

The SEALs were acquitted, but not until they suffered humiliation and disgrace.

Two of the three SEALs, Matthew McCabe and Jonathan Keefe, could no longer stand being in the service of their country after their treatment and they resigned. The SEAL identified as Sam Gonzales is still serving which is why he remains anonymous.

Keefe wrote to his Admiral: “When I think of those complacent prosecutors and investigators, deaf to our protests, I’ll always feel that rising anger I used to reserve for the enemy.”

The only reason these men were brought to trial was so they could be served up on the altar of political correctness. The Navy brass wanted to err on the side of unfairly abusing the SEALs as opposed to being seen as responsible for giving a vile murderer a bloody lip.

Matthew McCabe, Jonathan Keefe and one known by the pseudonym “Sam Gonzales” tell the story in the book Honor and Betrayal: The Untold Story of the Navy SEALs Who Captured the ‘Butcher of Fallujah.

The US did nothing to the Butcher. He was turned over to the Iraqis who tried him and hanged him.

This is how our PC military leadership now works. They disdain our fighting men and worry about a terrorist’s fat lip.

Steve Doucy of Fox News interviews Matthew McCabe in this video:

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