How Dems Conquered All of California in the Midterms — Ballot Harvesting


When the polls closed on election day this year, six California Republicans won their election, some by quite a lot, only to lose weeks later. Representatives Dana Rohrabacher, Steve Knight, Mimi Walters, Young Kim and two others lost only when absentee and provisional ballots rolled in over the intervening weeks. it turned Orange County deep blue.

Speaker Paul Ryan questioned it.

“California just defies logic to me,” said Ryan at a Washington Post live event. “We were only down 26 seats the night of the election, and three weeks later, we lost basically every California contested race. This election system they have — I can’t begin to understand what ‘ballot harvesting’ is.”

He should have. Democrats have the absentee, provisional, mail-in ballots sewn up.

There are a number of reasons Democrats won red areas and a major reason is “ballot harvesting”.

The Federalist’s Bre Payton wrote that the practice of “ballot harvesting” is the most significant reason Republicans lost so handily weeks after they won.

It’s thanks to a new bill signed in 2016 by former (leftist) Governor Jerry Brown. California’s AB 1921 allows voters to give any third party — not just a relative or someone living in the same household, as was previously the law — to collect and turn in anyone else’s completed ballot.

So, if you have a braindead aunt or a drug-addled sister or just know of someone who won’t vote, you vote for them. It is rife with fraud.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that 250,000 such ballots were used in Orange County alone. That resulted in a Democratic sweep there.

It only negatively impacted Republicans

The Chronicle writes:

In Orange County alone, where every House seat went Democratic, “the number of Election Day vote-by-mail dropoffs was unprecedented — over 250,000,” Fred Whitaker, chairman of the county Republican Party, said in a note to supporters. “This is a direct result of ballot harvesting allowed under California law for the first time. That directly caused the switch from being ahead on election night to losing two weeks later.”

Rep. Jeff Denham, a Republican who lost his election, told the Chronicle:

“One of the lessons that the GOP needs to learn out of this election cycle is how to work within all of the new rules, same-day voter registration, motor voters,” Denham said. “There have been a lot of changes in laws that I think have caught many in the Republican Party by surprise. You can’t just run a traditional campaign as you did before.”

He added, “If one party’s harvesting ballots, both parties need to do it.”


Elections don’t even have to be close any longer for Democrats to win. They can just keep coming up with new ballots until they win. They tried it in Florida and Georgia and failed but they won’t fail the next time.

Before its passage, a group opposed to the bill wrote: “AB 1921 would allow anybody to walk into an elections office and hand over truckloads of vote by mail envelopes with ballots inside, no questions asked, no verified records kept. It amounts to an open invitation to large-scale vote buying, voter coercion, “granny farming”, and automated forgery. AB 1921 solves no problem that a simple stamp can’t solve.”

Democrats have found that it is easy to steal elections.

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5 years ago

I guess some of Ryan’s liberal republican friends had their elections stolen but he gets much comfort from knowing he gave the House away. He convinced people to not run, withheld funds, had members run against Trump, and criticized Trump policies during the campaign. As the speaker of the president’s party, he could not have done any more to lose.