How Did Man Cause The 1821 Superstorm?



Branco Cartoon via Americans for Limited Government

Leftists say Global Warming caused Superstorm Sandy, albeit without evidence. Man is the cause of global warming if you believe them.

But we have always had bad storms.

In 1821, there was a Superstorm that would have flooded Kennedy airport if it happened today.

On September 3, 1821, nearly 200 years ago, a hurricane of Category 3 magnitude made landfall at Jamaica Bay.

There was a storm surge at least equal to Sandy. Sustained winds were believed to be 100 mph to 120 mph.

Sandy’s winds hit 90 mph.

Reports from 1821 tell of wind blasts leveling Long Island barns and small buildings. The storm threw chimneys and roofs around. It prostrated trees. All according to Early American Hurricanes 1492 to 1870. The Brooklyn Long Island Star described it as “the most awful and desolating ever experienced.”

Were this to happen today, wind damage alone would have cost $7 billion. Overall loss would have been $107 billion compared with Sandy’s $68 billion.

The storm was a major event and the surges were “exceptionally high” according to records.

Sandy hit at high tide and with a full moon. The 1821 hurricane hit at low tide. If it had hit at high tide, it would have been, by all accounts, “extremely catastrophic”.

Obviously, the 1821 hurricane is the result of man-made global warming. It was all those cars. Oh, wait, they didn’t have cars. It was the trains and planes. Oh, no wait, they didn’t have trains and planes. It was their wasteful use of energy. Darn, wrong again.

It’s obvious why the environmental terrorists changed the terminology from global warming to climate change. Just one more thread in the fabric of lies.

Before the 1821 hurricane, there was the historic Great Colonial Hurricane of 1635.

The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 was the deadliest natural disaster ever to strike the United States. There was the Great Hurricane of 1780 and the 1898 Windward Islands hurricane. The Great Gale of 1848, also known as the Tampa Bay hurricane of 1848 was the “granddaddy of all hurricanes.”

There were many others.

There have been bad storms that had nothing to do with man. We don’t know if man is causing the alleged “global warming” but we have a lot of evidence that man doesn’t. It’s only common sense that we won’t be able to change it. While it’s important that we take care of our planet as best we can, going to the extremes outlined by Mr. Obama will drain our resources and redistribute them to the rest of the world for something we know little about.

If you haven’t heard what the founder of The Weather Channel thinks, watch this video:



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