How Do You Negotiate With Dick Durbin’s “Chain Migration” Mentality


The Democrats are using the President’s recent “s***hole” comment to blow up the immigration negotiations. Any excuse would have worked because the deal the Gang of Six came up with Thursday was a blatantly unserious effort.

Senator Dick Durbin, who is likely the one who leaked the President’s controversial comment about  “s***holes”, took it a step further to complain about the President using the term “chain migration” because, he told the President, ‘Do you realize how painful that term is to so many people?’

“African-Americans believe that they migrated to America in chains, and when you speak about chain migration, it hurts them personally,'” he recalled. “He [Trump] said, ‘oh that’s a good line.'”

That is the most ridiculous and manipulative comment about this affair yet.

Free Beacon wrote that in an article from 2010, he repeated the term in a 2007 press release.

“The DREAM Act would NOT lead to ‘chain migration,'” it argued. “DREAM Act beneficiaries would have very limited ability to sponsor family members.”

Tucker Carlson posed an interesting question.

He also said it’s something almost every person in America agrees with.

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5 years ago

Lindsey Graham Called Mexico a ‘Hellhole’ in 2013, Blasts Trump for ‘Shit-hole’ comment! ShitHole, Hellhole, Cesspool ETC. What is the difference? Absolutely Nothing ! President Barack Obama: David Cameron allowed Libya to become a ‘shit show’ But he is half black so he gets an atta-boy for his remarks,It is NOT about the word! It is because TRUMP USED the word! They hate him with a passion and do every thing they can to distract from their crimes that are finally coming light!

Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
5 years ago

McCauliffe is a pussy and I would invite him to take the first punch after he signed a waiver for any damages to both arms, both legs, HIS FACE and his crotch. McCauliffe is just the next in a series of bullies who honk from the stage but will never step outside the theater to back up their words, even to this 77 year old former Marine officer. McCauliffe, you sign a waiver, I’ll be there and “‘get in your space”. But McCauliffe is just a blow hard and is trying to take the attention away from the BRIBE he offered to Deputy Director of the FBI, the corrupt McCabe, and other corrupt acts he committed in concert with and on behalf of the Hillary and Bill Clinton CABAL and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE. Like the game show says, McCauliffe, COME ON DOWN….. As a matter of fact if you set up the following bullies in one place in sequence we could get rid of several issues: Joe Biden (Biden the Bullie as he was known in high school) and Bobbi Deniro, (the blowhard of Hollywood), have three ambulances standing by………………………………………………………….
LADIES AND GENTS, THESE 3 MOUSEKETEERS ,, BIDEN, DENIRO, AND McCAULIFFE FALSELY REPRESENT THAT THEY ARE GROWN MATURE MEN. What kind of stupid shit threatens the President of the United States to a fistfight????? ….You answered your own question, folks, no kind of man, and would you want to have a LOONEY LIKE BIDEN going around and threatening other politicians to fistfights????
(Not going to give him access to the red button) Come on lil’ fellows, I am waiting. THREE FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. time’s awaisting.