How Does An Orwellian ‘International Tribunal for Climate Justice’ Sound to You?



The U.N. Climate Change Treaty, which Mr. Obama will call an agreement so he can ignore Congress, has established an International Tribunal for Climate Justice.

They give two options – the bad one or the really bad one.


The draft text is online and this tribunal is specified on page 19.

It would end up being a curse to corporations which the Marist UN abhors and American companies could end up being dragged into these courts for socialist enviro-justice and redistribution.

It won’t only be corporations, the US taxpayer will be on the hook.

In November, 2010, Evo Morales of Colombia helped concoct the The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth and it was presented to the world as part of the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). In May 2011, communist Van Jones asked the UN to declare Mother Earth a person. It is from this insanity that we get this tribunal.

A USA Today article in September titled, Poor nations want U.S. to pay for reparations for extreme weather, indicates that the world’s statists have decided the climate science is settled; the U.S. is responsible for the carbon destruction and the consequent climate change; therefore the U.S. must pay others suffering for America’s theft and greed.

The United States, the last bastion of real freedom in the world, a nation that has generously helped others, is being painted successfully as the villain by a corrupt theater of totalitarian actors who want our wealth and resources which we worked so hard to acquire. Our president is part of the scheme. From the article:

Talks leading up to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change to be held in Paris in December has representatives from developing nations asking for more than an already agreed upon $100 billion per year for climate change mitigation measures. They want additional compensation for weather-related disasters as well as a “displacement coordination facility” for refugees. And they want all this to be legally binding as part of the larger anticipated Paris accord.

The U.S. and wealthier EU countries (though most of it will fall upon the U.S.) are being told they are responsible for cyclones in the South Pacific, earthquakes in Nepal, and anything else they can think of.

The Paris conference includes a separate agreement for reparations.

The climate desertification committee will also have a type of tribunal as will the carbon pricing panel when it gets off the ground.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty also has a UN tribunal. In May of this year, Sen. Sessions said that “because TPP is a “Living Agreement” it can be changed after adoption. Dangerously, it creates a new global governance authority that can add new members, change the terms of the agreement, and potentially even subject U.S. citizens to its rulings—adjudicated in an international tribunal. It also could empower the President, in executive agreements with other countries, to admit more foreign workers into the United States—without ever coming to Congress for approval.”

We still don’t know what is in the final draft of the TPP.

In 2012, when the Law of the Sea Treaty, the Arms Trade Treaty, and the rights of the child treaties were discussed, another treaty called for US membership in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama joined forces with non-government entities such as think tanks to push for a globally recognized International Criminal Court (ICC) at the time. It would give the UN’s global tribunal universal jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and aggression.

The ICC could supersede our U.S. courts and give an international criminal court the right to prosecute our citizens for alleged war crimes and aggression. That means an end to trial by a jury of your peers, a right to an attorney, the right to not self-incriminate, a right to a speedy trial, bail, and the list is endless.

This could put our servicemen and women in grave danger as well as any officials in our government because they could be arrested by a foreign court and put on trial for war crimes. The left claims that wouldn’t happen and it’s only aimed at dictators who are committing genocide and the like, but we all know that they UN has called for prosecuting our leaders and those of Israel as well as Israeli soldiers.

Hillary Clinton has said, “This is a great regret that we are not a signatory. I think we could have worked out some of the challenges that are raised concerning our membership. But that has not yet come to pass.”. She not only regrets it but she continually cooperated with it as secretary of state. Some of our justices are beginning to respond to international law when deciding US cases. Justice Breyer has written a book promoting that very concept.

The left in this country are serious and dangerous globalists. Our sovereignty is meaningless to them.


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