How Does This Happen? Hillary Collected $177 Million, Gave $5 Million to Charity


Hillary Clinton gave an interview to Chris Hayes on MSNBC last week and in addition to bashing Trump, she complained that Trump has done nothing for Puerto Rico.

She began the interview by saying the President doesn’t care about Puerto Rico, but don’t worry, she’s involved. “FEMA is down there. I’ve called on them to send the Navy, particularly the Naval hospital ship…,” she assured Hayes.

We didn’t hear of her being hired to direct relief efforts, did you?

We have a better question, why doesn’t she send Haiti the money she collected on their behalf.

In 2014 alone, the Foundation received $177 million in contributions and spent $86 million in expenses to donate a measly $5 million in actual charity donations.

Click this link to see the Crooked Hillary Clinton Foundation tax return for 2014.

How the hell does a foundation collect $177 million dollars and give a measly amount to charity? We’ve heard the reasoning about her ‘experts” who account for the $86 million in expenses spreading their leftist knowledge throughout the world but we don’t buy it as charity.

Neither does Judicial Watch.

In November, 2016, Judicial Watch received 508 pages of documents in response to a FOIA lawsuit most of which were too redacted to have meaning, but the 60+ pages remaining revealed brand new serious conflicts of interest between the Hillary Clinton-led State Department and the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, to add to the many already uncovered.

We know from past Judicial Watch releases, other FOIA releases, and leaked emails, that the Clintons, who oversaw the relief effort, gave many of their donors, including Hillary’s brother, lucrative contracts in Haiti. TThey built a luxury resort in Haiti and gave a valuable mining contract to the company her brother worked for.

The government of Haiti set up the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) and installed the Haitian Prime Minister and Bill Clinton as co-chairs of the commission’s executive committee. The Haitians soon complained and continue to complain that their opinions were disregarded.

For example, there was the Haitian Mobile Money Initiative a system developed to allow Haitians transfer money via cell phones. That contract was awarded to a company called Digicel that earned more than $50 million in Haiti. The company is run by an Irish billionaire who set-up lucrative speech engagements for Bill Clinton and donated millions of his own money to the Clinton Foundation.

We mentioned Hillary’s brother Tony Rodham. He was on the board of the company that won the gold mine. It had been 50 years since a Haitian mine was turned over to foreigners. They take their resources very seriously and prefer to keep them within Haiti for Haitians.

Caracol Industrial Park was another fiasco that did nothing for Haitians living in trailers and tents. They announced in Haiti with great fanfare at a ceremony which included many American celebrities. The anchor store is a Korean manufacturer who “just happened” to be Clinton supporters.

During the presidential campaign, the former president of the Haitian Senate, Bernard Sansaricq, told Donald Trump that he had the documentation to prove that the Clintons tried to bribe him in an effort to get his support for the Clinton foundation’s work to defraud the people of Haiti.

Her interview with Hayes was a delusional phenomenon to behold.

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