How Left-Wing Media Lies


Newsday is in the control of a left-wing family and their editorials reflect that. An editorial posted Friday serves as a good example of how the left-wing media lies and sways public opinion. In the editorial, they demonize the GOP for following the law and using the tools at their disposal to stop a rogue president who is violating the Constitution.

The way the editorial puts it is the GOP is taking the “next U.S. attorney general hostage” because they “abhor President Barack Obama’s decision to allow 5 million immigrants here illegally to stay.”


They don’t say a word about the fact that what the GOP is opposed to is Barack Obama’s serious law breaking. Obama is changing immigration law unilaterally and acting lawlessly but the Dolan family, who run Newsday, and their corrupt editorial board don’t care.

The GOP are using a legal, perfectly acceptable means by which to stop a lawless president from collecting even more power for the executive. What Newsday says, however, is they are holding the next attorney general “hostage”.

“Republicans are practiced at barreling into deadends,” Newsday’s editorial board says. They then bring up Obama’s government shutdown which they blame on Republicans. It of course has nothing to do with illegal amnesty and Loretta Lynch.

The GOP is contesting Loretta Lynch’s nomination as attorney general, not because they “abhor” giving permits to illegal aliens but because the president is violating the law and allowing anyone and everyone to come into this country without vetting. Many in the GOP agree with amnesty.

Lynch, pictured above, made it clear that, if chosen, she too will violate the Constitution and uphold Obama’s illegal amnesty. She believes that people here illegally should be allowed to work in the United States even though it’s against the federal law she will swear to uphold.

What Newsday says is there is “no good reason to oppose Lynch’s confirmation.” The title of their post is “GOP needlessly stalling next attorney general.” They then go into her fine qualifications as they see them which are basically meaningless when one considers the fact that she either didn’t answer questions put to her during the hearings or admitted she will violate the law.

Innocent Long Islanders who read this in Newsday are being kept in the dark deliberately. They believe the nonsense from this rag.

Newsday got their usual crack in about Ted Cruz leading the effort. They’re afraid of Cruz’ pro-Constitutional stance.

They even had an anti-Bush cartoon on the same page bringing Bush and the Iraq war into the current crisis. They never mention Afghanistan because that was the “good war”, the war the Democrats wanted.

Loretta Lynch in the following video says people here illegally should be able to work here illegally:


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