How Much Do We Pay This Woman in the State Department?


Marie Harf, State Department spokesperson, had a scary message for the radical Islamic terrorists in Russia. It must have the Russian terrorists quaking in their boots. The Administration said the US condemns the bombing in Volgograd in the strongest terms.

Russia’s Putin put it a little differently, he vowed to seek the ‘total annihilation of terrorists.’

Then our Administration issued a crucial warning: All those who attend the Olympics in Sochi should remain alert, said Marie Harf.

That must put a lot of minds at ease.

Marie Harf

Marie Harf, State Department Spokesperson

But don’t worry, the bombers are only mischief makers kind of like a recalcitrant child. They are the Denis the Menaces of Volgograd. Harf said this: ‘Obviously, major events, such as the Olympic games…ahh…are an opportunity for thieves or for other folks who want to create mischief.’



more mischief

More Mischief

Oh my yes, they are mischief makers.

Listen to Ms. Harf:

Check out the mischief by radical Islamic terrorists:

Witness Alexander Koblyakov said: ‘People were lying on the ground, screaming and asking for help. I helped carry out a police officer whose head and face were covered in blood. He couldn’t speak,’ according to the Daily Mail.

A one-year old baby was among the dead.

Now, if that isn’t mischief, I don’t know what is. The only thing as bad is a workplace violence incident or perhaps a kinetic military action or, worse yet, the burning of a Koran.

There is nothing funny about any of this, just as there is nothing funny about our Administration’s response to radical Islamic terrorism.

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