How Nice of Us! U.S. to Give $10.6 Billion to Mexico, Central America


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We were promised a wall, Mexico and Central America got $10.6 billion instead!

The U.S. is giving $10.6 billion to the corrupt leadership of Central America and Mexico so they can create jobs and fortify their lousy border security, Washington Post reports. When was this deal made? The idea is it will be a roundabout way to stop the constant flooding at the border.


Considering the fact that Soros-funded groups get huge chunks of USAID, it will likely do the opposite.

The United States pledged $5.8 billion in aid and investment Tuesday for strengthening government and economic development in Central America and another 4.8 billion in development aid for southern Mexico. Congress does not need to approve it.

The U.S. will provide job opportunities – in those countries. News Flash! The government doesn’t create real jobs.

It won’t all be tax money. Corporations are likely involved, giving them more opportunities to send business out of the country.

The U.S. State Department issued a simultaneous statement saying, “The United States is committing $5.8 billion through public and private investment to promote institutional reforms and development in the Northern Triangle,” a term that refers to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.


The communist mayor of Mexico, Andres Obrador seems sincere when he says he wants opportunities in his country that will keep Mexicans in Mexico.

“I have a dream that I want to see become a reality … that nobody will want to go work in the United States anymore,” Lopez Obrador said.

He really is dreaming.

Lopez Obrador’s administration has said it is also interested in agricultural, forestry and tourism projects in southern Mexico, and the U.S. said it would contribute to those efforts.

Increase tourism in cartel land? Forestry?

The plan is what one might call in the street vernacular — bull sh*t.

While it may be sincere on the part of everyone involved, it’s what the left always does — they pour money into some elusive notion while no development will compete with the lucrative drug business and the welfare in the United States.

It does nothing to solve the 50,000 coming into the country illegally each month. In no time at all, these invaders, some criminals, some terrorists, many communists will become citizens. It’s only a matter of time. Democrats will be back in power, and they will give everyone amnesty.

Don’t count on their ‘rigorous’ screening of applicants either.

We have historical proof vetting is useless. Almost no DREAMer gets turned down for permission to stay — only 2.7% get turned down. Many disreputable people get to stay. The same will happen in this situation.


The $10.6 billion is going to thoroughly corrupt governments with corrupt mob bosses running things. It will be squandered. In this State Department plan, there is no accountability mechanism. It’s just gone, man, and all while we are over $20 trillion in debt.


The problem is our government. No one in D.C. wants border security, not the wall, not more agents, not drones, nada.

Democrats are now socialists/communists, and they want a permanent electoral majority which they will soon have. Republicans are liars who run on the border wall but have no will to pass any such funding. The President only asked for a lousy $5 billion. That pales compared to what we give to the corrupt ingrates in Central America and Mexico.

Republicans apparently won’t build a wall. A $5 billion bill in the House didn’t make it out of committee or was it into committee? It doesn’t matter, Ryan and most of the House do not want a wall. The Chamber of Commerce would be upset if they did. Corporations would have to pay our workers more, and there would be a hike in salaries. They can’t have that!


According to USAID, in 2016, we gave $88 million in aid to Mexico; $297 million to Guatemala; $127 million to Honduras; $75 million to El Salvador. So, tell me, does it look like that money gets to the people? What will another $10.6 billion do? Placate the communist bulls*****ers? Other than that, what?

Obrador said he would strengthen his border security to the south. How? He won’t build a wall. What he will do is what he has done. Sort of close off the southern border for a brief time.

We spend about $200 billion each year on illegal immigrants to say nothing of the emotional costs and cultural abominations that result. Do Democrats dare say $5 billion is too much? How absurd that Americans ignore this perfidy.


President Trump’s original idea to cut funding was the better idea. Unfortunately, he backed off that and went into reverse. He’s also backing off the government shutdown. It will likely be delayed, and then when it comes up again, we will go through the same phony, useless, meaningless cycle. The shutdown was always about who backs off first: the Democrats with their corrupt media or the President who has zero support?

The President says he will build the wall.

The President also backed off his demand for full funding of the wall before this latest backing off. Anti-Trumper Ben Shapiro called the President’s decision “gutless.” Is he right?

We don’t believe Putin owns Trump but Democrats and gutless Republicans might. He is the only one saying he will build the wall so we hope he is sincere.

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h/t Jon Thompson

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