How San Francisco Destroyed Their Last Legal Gun Store


Look to the High Bridge Arms store to see how the leftists will destroy the Second Amendment as if it wasn’t already obvious from the numerous actions they’ve already taken under the guise of “common sense Laws.” They will use suffocating regulations, dishonest propaganda, and anything else they can think of.

What is so far only a dream for Rahm Emanuel is happening in San Francisco and it happened because leftists passed onerous laws prohibiting the sale of guns at the same time they have a sanctuary city which protects illegal alien criminals.

The last gun store in San Francisco will close its doors on October 31st. The store has been in existence since 1952 and was first founded by Bob Chow a champion pistol shooter. He opened it shortly after competing for the United States in the summer Olympics in London., four years after competing for the United States in the summer Olympics in London. It changed hands several times and the current owner also owns the building.

San Franciscans are for freedom, like all progressive liberals are for freedom, but only for causes they agree with. No one is supporting High Bridge Arms.

The owner was faced with continuous and unrelenting mountains of paperwork required by the San Francisco Police Department, state Department of Justice and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Gun enthusiasts from around the world were lured to the store, from professional athletes to tourists. It was an oddity in San Francisco.

The political climate made it impossible for him to do business.

“It’s with tremendous sadness and regret that I have to announce we are closing our shop,” High Bridge Arms manager Steve Alcairo announced in a Facebook post on Sept. 11. “It has been a long and difficult ride, but a great pleasure to be your last San Francisco gun shop.”

Steve Alcairo
Steve Alcairo

The breaking point, according to the General Manager Steve Alcairo, came when a new law was proposed requiring High Bridge Arms to video record every gun sale and submit a weekly report of ammo sales to the police as if he were a criminal or a child.

“I’m not doing that to our customers. Enough is enough,” Alcairo said. “Buying a gun is a constitutionally protected right. Our customers shouldn’t be treated like they’re doing something wrong.”

Gun enthusiasts have been offering their sympathies online and taking advantage of the going-out-of-business sales.

The store has been dealing with accumulating restrictions posed by local lawmakers and voters. The voters didn’t see them as fitting in with their cool marijuana dispensaries and trendy bars.

Laws to put serial numbers on guns and ammos are constantly being proposed even though it would make it unaffordable to sell and buy them for many.

Reputable gun store operators have accused the Justice Department of trying to close them all down via Operation Chokepoint.

There are endless examples.

When you read about this on the mainstream websites, they will bring up the murders that took place in San Francisco which had nothing to do with this gun store but they won’t mention Kate Steinle who was recently murdered by a criminal illegal alien being protected in their city.

From January to May of this year, serious violent crime jumped 16 percent in San Francisco, and serious property crimes rose by 20 percent despite a decrease in arrests of 42% since 2010 according to the San Francisco Examiner.

This is what liberal law enforcing gets you.

No one has the right to take our means of self-defense away from us, especially not while the administration is making us less safe.

Source: Yahoo and Washington Post


  1. Let me get this straight. I can pee, poop, smoke dope, puke, sleep, screw, give and receive oral sex with no fear of violating San Fransicko, CA law. If I own a Second Amendment-protected gun store or wish to own a weapon, the blue suited PC police will hound me, arrest me and prosecute me with ridiculous, unconstitutional laws. If you live and vote in the cesspool that is San Francicko, then you have the quality of live and civil authority that you deserve. Do the rest of the country a favor and stay right where you are. No one needs the pee, poop, etc. that you obviously like to live in and raise your family in.

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