How Stupid Is AOC? Well, Check This Out!


After killing off the possibility of 25,000 to 40,000 jobs promised by Amazon, idiot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave her first speech in the Bronx, calling for “dignified” jobs for New Yorkers.

“We need to create dignified jobs in New York City,” Ocasio-Cortez said at an inauguration ceremony Saturday in Queens. “We don’t have to settle for scraps in the greatest city in the world.”

This moron is setting policy for the Democrat — Socialist — Party. She actually boasted of helping to drive Amazon out of the city because of its alleged “corporate greed” and “worker exploitation.” She is a full-blown Communist and she’s stupid. They pay more than minimum wage.

She is exploiting her constituents with her nonsense.

Unfortunately, the fact that Amazon doesn’t pay taxes looks very bad and helps her lie about chasing Amazon out of town.

OMao-Cortez thinks low-level unskilled workers should make what an executive makes.

The politics of envy and greed works for her. Her constituents love her. She is said to be the future of the Democrat Party.

Read more on the link and you will be amazed at how stupid she actually is.

Know-Nothing Know-It-All AOC Wants to Spend Amazon’s $3 Billion



  1. remember voter turnout in her district was miniscule. most likely that won’t happen again plus the democrats want to do away with her voting district

    • AOC is void of all common sense. This Bozette thought the City was cutting a check for $3,000,000,000 to Amazon. This fool doesn’t know that Amazon had to produce at least 25,000 high paying jobs and the $3,000,000,000 was to be used like a coupon to lower taxes they were to pay. The net gain was 25,000 new jobs and still getting new taxes from Amazon, just less for,those ten years. This idiot thought the money was paid up front.

  2. AOC did nothing new! The Democrats have been running jobs, industries and US technology out of the country for decades! Why is this now news!!!
    Trump is trying, against all odds D&R, TO BRING THEM BACK AND MAGA!!!!

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