How the Left Will Destroy the United States with Immigration Reform


Politico is a mouthpiece for the Obama Administration. They write articles glorifying Mr. Obama and demonizing Republicans. What they also do is get the Obama talking points and propaganda first and lay them out for susceptible readers.

Immigration reform is on the table in advance of the 2014 elections. It is nothing more than amnesty meant to produce an overwhelmingly large Democratic majority in this country and it will be used to ensure that Republicans never again win a presidential election.

Many Republicans believe they need to fold on amnesty in order to win the Senate. Polls don’t bear that out but as Sen. Marco Rubio said, Obama will do it anyway.

Deceptive techniques and propaganda are being used by the left to convince people it’s inhumane to not legalize foreigners here illegally and put them on the path to citizenship.

An article posted today is titled, White House fears immigration blame. It is another lie. The White House coordinates with allies on the far-left, using staged protests to bolster their case.

The protests are organized by radical leftists who are ‘pushing’ Mr. Obama to give citizenship. It is what community organizers do.

The first one mentioned in the article is the staged protest by communist student, Ju Hong. My friend at noisy room, Teresa Monroe-Hamilton, did some research on Mr. Hong:

Obama’s growing theme now of just get on with the revolution, ignore the Constitution and rule by executive diktat, is being screamed by people in his audiences. Funny thing though, they are astroturfed plants. Monday’s heckler at Obama’s pro-amnesty speech in San Francisco was Ju Hongan approved guest of the White House and an illegal alien from South Korea who recently graduated from UC Berkeley. Ju Hong came to the US with his family on a tourist visa and never left. He has Marxist ties. Ju Hong also listed himself as an outreach coordinator at the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, as a legislative intern for San Francisco and as a senator at the Associated Students of the University of California. Marxists of a red feather…

So, let me get this straight. The one screaming for amnesty was a commie South Korean. Obama’s first fundraiser of the day in the City by the Bay, was at the Betty Ong Recreation Center, on the edge of San Francisco’s Chinatown. He’s now trying to appear that he is a man of the people and not just a wealthy, corrupt Marxist elitist.

Hong, according to Politico, is on a media blitz about deportation policies. The White House is alleging that they have aggressively deported people without stemming the tide. The WH wants the public to believe they have deported; it isn’t working; and he is being held to account so he must act soon. None of this is true. It is the prelude to giving himself dictatorial powers over amnesty.

This is being said immediately after Mr. Obama moved to fill DHS positions with open borders attorney activists who have the power to stop all deportations. He has already issued innumerable rules and orders to stop deportations of a growing swath of illegal aliens.

Mr. Obama showed his support for the illegal aliens by visiting the staged Fast for Families tent where activists are praying and two were allegedly fasting. It is a 100% staged event orchestrated by  Center for American Progress, NY Communities for Change aka ACORN, SEIU, and other Progressive organizations.

The article continues to claim that the president is being pressured; he is unhappy about the staged protests (how do these people get near him, conservative protesters can’t?); and laughably they claim the lawless president can’t break the law and go up against Republicans who have control of only one-third of one-third of government.

The article continually puts all the blame on House Republicans and especially Speaker Boehner.

The article continues: Rep. Gutierrez and 29 Democratic House members want Obama to “suspend any further deportations and expand the successful deferred action program.”

That would be a de facto amnesty without any checks and balances on who we let in and there would be no border security put into place.

Another fake arrest by Rep. Gutierrez, a far-left radical, was mentioned in the article. Gutierrez took part in a staged photo-op protest by 8 members of Congress.

The absolutely gleeful Charlie Rangel pictured below doesn’t look very upset about his ‘arrest.’ Others who took part included communists and socialists in our government: Reps. John Lewis, D-Ga.; Luis Gutiérrez, D-Ill.; Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz.; Keith Ellison, D-Minn.; Joseph Crowley, D-N.Y.; Al Green, D-Texas; and Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill.



I don’t doubt Mr. Obama might end all deportations. He has ended most deportations already.

He is contemplating executive actions on immigration and has been emboldened by the complacent press and the utter lack of interest by the public.

If people are allowed to run freely across our borders and never be deported, this is a serious national security issue. It also means we are a country without borders but that is what the left wants. If we have no borders, we are no longer a country. Do people realize that?

This isn’t about helping the poor immigrants, many of whom do deserve our help, it is about leftists forcing tens of millions of future Democratic voters on the American public. We will become a one-party state. If terrorists and drug cartels are among the new Americans, so be it, that will be the left’s acceptable collateral damage.

The movement to legalize and not deport is growing very strong in Texas where the left says 38% of untapped Democratic voters are illegals or other minorities who could turn the state blue. Once Texas is blue, it’s over, literally, it’s over.

I saw these staged events once before, in 1964, while I marched with Martin Luther King Jr. Communists took hold of the movement and painted themselves the saviors and installed themselves as the leaders during that time. We all know how that turned out. A large majority of African-Americans are far-left believers and while they are religious, they have bought into abortion and the leftist social agenda. Most have bought into the ideology completely. Now we are about to lose the Hispanic minorities, many of whom are already leftists.

Everything this Administration does is political and staged. Does this sound like a free country to you?