How the USA Gets to Be a Socialist Nation in 2020


Bernie Sanders, currently under investigation for bank fraud with his wife Jane.

Potential fraudster Bernie Sanders is considering a run for the presidency in 2020 when he will be 79 years old.

When asked the question by the hill, one Sanders associate said, “Yes, is the answer.”

“He thinks he’s earned the right to run again and he believes if he would have been the [Democratic] candidate he would have won against Trump.”

Sadly, our youth are so far-left that it’s probably true.

We think his wife should be his running mate since she’s so good with finances. Though Bernie and his 90% tax rate is also a standout.

“The last thing he’s going to do is step aside and let Joe Biden take it,” the Sanders associate said.

Earlier this month, Sanders traveled to Iowa for the first time since losing the state’s caucuses to Clinton during the Democratic primary. He gave a keynote address at an event sponsored by the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement.

Next month, he’ll return to the state again to promote his book “Bernie Sanders: Guide to Political Revolution.”

He is serious when he writes about “revolution” and his book is the Sanders hard-left manifesto.

Sanders held campaign-style rallies in West Virginia and Kentucky earlier this month, where he criticized the Republican healthcare plan. In April, he appeared front and center on a tour across red states with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez.

Jeff Weaver, who served as Sanders’s campaign manager said Sanders is “keeping the door open” for a second White House run.

Larry Cohen, a senior adviser to Sanders in 2016, said it would be good news if he ran again.

“I can speak for the millions of people who supported him in saying we would love it if he runs again and we’re hopeful he’ll run again,” Cohen said.

Cohen also predicted that if Sanders does run again, it will be as a Democrat.

Sanders is a far-left Socialist but he’s being touted as a Progressive or a liberal, which he is not In any case, in the United States, socialists are progressives are communists.

Cohen added, “He’s part of the Democratic leadership in the Senate and helped raise millions of dollars to help down ballot Democrats. He’s helping to reform the Democratic Party. I think it speaks for itself.”

Bernie’s helping to transform it into a far-left party.

Leftist pollsters find that either Sanders or Biden, another far-left guy who will be 78 years in 2020, are favorites.

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