How We Are Doing With the Military Buildup in the Mediterranean?


I used to go to the Washington Post for my news but now I find Russia Today is probably more forthcoming. So much for the transparent administration and the state-controlled media dupes.

While the Obama administration threatens Syria with an ‘incredibly small” attack, the delusional Jay Carney is claiming that Russian prestige is on the line.

“Russia is now putting its prestige on the line.” Carney said. “The United States leads in these situations. And it’s not always popular and it’s not always comfortable.”

Mr. Obama is taking credit for the ‘plan’ to orchestrate the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons even though that was obviously Putin’s plan.

Comic Dennis Miller has a different take, he said Mr. Obama looks like a dervish with a ham-string problem on foreign policy. He also said that the only people afraid of Mr. Obama are half of his own country.

Last night, Mr. Obama gave an emergency speech to tell Congress not to vote on use of force in the Syrian standoff. He also did the customary blame Bush and self-praising we have come to know and love. It wasn’t very enlightening.

Mr. Obama’s foreign policy now seems to be determined by Vladimir Putin but that could change tomorrow. It changes by the day. It’s like a moving target.

Putin’s condition for a deal is the US must agree to no use of force, something we obviously cannot do.

Mr. Obama can’t act decisively. He’s incapable of it. He is giving the enemy time to prepare for our teeny tiny attack.

Obama gave up the missile defense system in Eastern Europe with nothing in return from the Russians. Putin, on the other hand, just offered missile defense systems to Iran to settle a lawsuit. Putin offered five high-tech surface-to-air missile defense systems to Iran, and recently gave Syria modified versions of the systems.

Russia. and now China, are filling up the Mediterranean with warships, destroyers and submarines.


Zerohedge posted this now-dated map 6 days ago. Since then, China has added a warship, the Jinggangshan, to protect oil interests.

Russia is sending two destroyers and the missile cruiser Moskva aka ‘carrier-killer’, and three more warships.

If Obama has any plan of attacking, which I doubt, he has put our military in harm’s way unnecessarily.

General Dempsey said it doesn’t matter if the attack is delayed, it doesn’t matter when it happens. That makes no sense whatsoever. I don’t understand how he can say that.

The sham deal offered by Putin is a trap that Obama has all too willingly jumped into.

Putin has set himself up to be a hero, the man in charge of the Middle East, who is coming up with diplomatic interventions the clueless Obama couldn’t think of himself, though Obama lays false claim to being the originator. Obama is now beholden to Putin.

If Obama strikes, he has given the enemy tremendous opportunities to prepare for our infinitesimal attack and we could lose.

If we do lose, the world will cheer the glorified Putin’s defeat of the Great Satan.

Whether Obama is a fool or an American hater who is trying to take us down is a question we need to consider.


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