Howard Dean, Still Crazy After All These Years


Failed presidential candidate and all-around loon, Howard Dean, is making no sense again. Dean thinks a GOP Senate will impeach the President and the Vice President. He has visions of Nancy Pelosi becoming President [God help us].

Others responding have the same delusion.

If you go to the Twitter feed, it’s the craziest thing, especially since they are taking this seriously.

Dean and his buddy, Soros babe, Neera Tanden, wish Al Gore had won. He could have saved the planet.

They plan to overturn the will of the people if they can. Think about their mindset. They want to overturn an election. They’re not Americans. These people have been screaming impeach since before the President took office. It’s what they do in Third World nations.

Speaking of loons, Moonbeam Jerry Brown equated fighting climate change with fighting the Nazis.

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