Howard Stern praises ‘spectacular’ Hillary, disses farmers & the electoral college


Howard Stern apparently doesn’t like Donald Trump and the Electoral College, looks down on farmers, but does love “spectacular” Hillary Clinton.

Aside from elitism and knowing nothing about the College, claiming some “farmer” probably thought it up, he thinks Trump is “crushing NATO.”

The President is making its members pay their fair share. He’s “crushing” nothing.

Hillary told Stern she tried to support the President from day one. Huh?

Hillary Clinton said that when she called President Trump the night he won the 2016 election to concede, the president was more surprised he won than she was.

“I called him that terrible night,” the former secretary of state said in a Wednesday interview on Stern’s radio show. “I said, ‘Look, Donald, I want you to be a good president. I will do whatever I can to help you.'”

Howard Stern, 65, then asked Clinton whether the president was gracious in the phone call. “He was so shocked he couldn’t — he could barely talk,” the 2016 presidential candidate responded. “He was more shocked than me, I think.”


We don’t know if “spectacular” Hillary will run again, but Republicans sure hope she will.

She is still having her coughing fits:

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