HR2417 – A Person’s Right to Choose A Lightbulb


I Am Mercury Lightbulb

Update: Lightbulb law passed the House on Friday. However, by 2013, bulbs have to give up less light with more energy – not a good situation. The media is mocking conservatives for wasting time on the issue.  Read here:Lightbulb amendment passes the House

Update: Look at how your congressmen recently voted on the House bill to reinstate the incandescent lightbulb and the right to choose: Nannyism for Lightbulbs – a Dem thing

Update: Texas is doing something about it. They are looking to pass a bill allowing incandescent bulbs made in Texas to be sold in Texas as this would not involve interstate commerce. Read Here: Texas Wants the Incandescent Back

People might want to call their rep and weigh in on this bill. It will repeal portions of the lightbulb act which requires us to buy bulbs with dangerous mercury. It will allow us to choose freely again. I can’t be the only person concerned that the land of Edison does not manufacture bulbs. Read here: HR2417 2011-2012

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