HR5038 vote tomorrow! Amnesty for anyone who says s/he’s a farm worker


Twenty-five Republicans and all the Democrats are trying to sneak a new amnesty bill by Americans. It will legalize 1.5 million foreign farm workers.

Their bill — H.R.5038 — is called the Farm Workforce Modernization Act. It’s amnesty and doesn’t modernize a thing.

The bill gives full amnesty to any illegal who claims to work on a farm. They don’t have to prove it. It’s ready-made for fraud and mimics the bill that was signed by Ronald Reagan and which forever changed California. It will encourage more illegal immigration.

The bill extends deportation protections to their spouse and children as well. When you add it all up, at least 1.5 million illegal aliens would instantly receive amnesty and protection.

Currently, there are 25 Republican co-sponsors in the House and at least a dozen GOPers on board in the Senate as well.

The American Farm Bureau Federation does not support the bill.

And the bill already has enough Republican support to pass. In the House, there are already 25 Republicans signed onto the bill: Newhouse (WA), Simpson (ID), Diaz-Balart (FL), LaMalfa (CA), Amodei (NV), Baird (IN), Brooks (IN), Cole (OK), Curtis (UT), Davis (IL), Gibbs (OH), McMorris Rodgers (WA), Mitchell (MI), Nunes (CA), Reed (NY), Stefanik (NY), Stivers (OH), Upton (MI), Young (AK), Walden (OR), Fitzpatrick (PA), Smucker (PA), Tipton (CO), Stewart (UT), and King (NY). In the Senate, we are hearing that as many as a dozen GOPers could vote for the bill. In both chambers, there are enough GOP turncoats for the amnesty legislation to pass.

It’s another corporate donor bill.

Practically any illegal alien would be able to claim to be a farm worker. They don’t have any paperwork proving their employment. It would even grant amnesty to illegal aliens who have criminal records.

The Rules Committee is approving the bill today. That means that it can reach the floor for a full vote tomorrow.

Please call Congress right away.



  1. Continuation of an open borders policy designed to eliminate our nation and develop a global economy filled with dependency for decades into a gloomy future of serfdom. Read ‘The Road to Serfdom,’ by F. A. Hayek.

  2. you know, I am getting damn tired of RINOS…they are supposed to be standing up for the president…25 of them ARE NOT!!! me thinks we have a lot of cleaning up to do for the elections

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