HS Honor Student Quotes Trump & Is Barred from the Honor Society


Holmdel high school student Boris Kizenko has a 4.0-grade point average and has racked up 400 hours of community service. He was rejected by the Honor Society for character issues and the reason he says is that he used a quote of Donald Trump’s.

It is New Jersey!

The problem began when he ran for re-election as class president using the slogan, Make Holmdel Great Again, which he said he used to be different and stand out. He didn’t win re-election, and the administration was greatly displeased with his choice of a slogan.

He was the class president at the time and wanted to hold a paintball fundraiser and when his adviser said no, he went over the adviser’s head to the Princiipal. The students and others thought it was a great idea. The principal rejected the idea. That request, along with using a quote by President Trump on his social media page, was labeled a character issue by the administration.

The quote is innocuous: “If you’re going to think, you might as well think big.”

Kizenko quoted the whole spectrum of people on his site and this was only one of the many in a wide range of famous people he quotes. He didn’t think it was a problem quoting the President.

The administration took his social media leadership role away as class president. They called him a “monarch” and denied him entrance into the honor society.

Kizenko appealed the decision on the honor society and the administration said they would work with him. But they wouldn’t tell him who the judges were and they never said another word. The induction has taken place.

Listen to his story:

He appeared on Fox News:



  1. I bet they would accept someone that quoted #AOC & believes in more than 2 genders and supports banning so called hate speech/conservative speech and has a 2.0 grade average and didn’t do any community service because it offended them.

      • Good comment,
        They also want to have other people give them money and things they didn’t earn, until they become those ‘other people’ and then all bets are off.
        The same thing with sanctuary for illegal aliens. They are all for it until they find it in their own communities and then all bets are off.
        I can only come to the conclusion that liberalism is a serious social/mental disorder. .

  2. Honor Society doesn’t mean what it did 40 years ago.Something else destroyed by PC socialism.I imagine some pretend school that calls itself a “college” thinks it matters.

  3. What fools we Americans are for allowing the insidious tendrils of (so-called) Social Justice to so thoroughly wind their way into the fabric of our society. This disease is destroying the country before our very eyes…and we dither…

  4. Time to go to court. This would be overturned as similar instances have been overturned. Sometimes just threatening to go to court could change this. Call Alliance Defending Freedom and ask them who they recommend as they mostly do religious freedom issues. This is disgusting and evil.

  5. Very good, a bright 4.0 student who is destined for some greatness in life is now aware of the unethical, backstabbing, character assassination that The Great Society is not only capable of but routinely deals out. It is a nasty clash of idealism meets the real world. The young man will never forget the injustice of it. He will become a true social justice warrior. Boris, you go, now with a much better grounding in how petty but potent TPTB. Thank these hypocritical SOB’s for removing the scales from your eyes so early in life.

  6. If this is a government school, viewpoint discrimjnation is unlawful. He should file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights at the Education Department. Trump should lose all education funding checks in the mail.

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