HuffPo Has Zero Tolerance For That Which They Encourage


HuffPo recently suspended a writer for being called out on her article that she mostly stole from another with minimum attributions. However, HuffPo tells their writers to do this so why the suspension?

As an addendum, HuffPo is applauded by our President and is often given some high coverage events and interviews not given to Fox.

From Yahoo News: …”We have zero tolerance for this sort of conduct,” and that Lee had been suspended indefinitely as a result.

The move didn’t sit well with various other journalists (myself included), who questioned why Lee had been “thrown under the bus” given that HuffPo allegedly instructs reporters in this very brand of maximum-rewrite, minimum-attribution blogging.

“In Amy’s case we are concerned that a strong message needs to be conveyed, that we need to distinguish ourselves with original reporting,” Goodman explained in an interview with Adweek. “But in terms of the overall message here, the message is that something improper happened here, and that goes up the chain—to the editing.”

This raises the issue of what exactly the editing process at HuffPo entails. Read here: HuffPo, Deception in Media

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