HUGE! Covington cases against NBC, CNN, WaPo allowed to proceed


Federal Judge William Bertelsman reopened the $250 million defamation case filed by Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann against the Washington Post in late October.

Sixteen-year-old Catholic school student Nicholas Sandmann was smeared by the left-wing press after he was falsely accused of smirking at a far-left Native-American activist named Nathan Phillips. He was receiving death threats and widely mocked by the left across social media in response to reports in WaPo, CNN, and NBC.

The media lied. The entire narrative was a lie. Now Judge Bertelsman will allow the lawsuits against all three publications to move forward.

This is a case that might put the media under some kind of control.

The same judge ruled in similar cases against CNN and NBC and he has allowed them to move forward on the same basis as the WaPo case.

Nicholas Sandman’s attorney Lin Wood cheered the decision by Judge Bertelsman today.

Nice support from CarpeDonktum for a falsely maligned teen.

President Trump weighed in when the judge allowed The Washington Post (WaPo) lawsuit to move ahead.

To the MSM, we say:

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