HUGE! President targets remittances sent home by people here illegally


The President is targeting the remittance payments that illegal aliens routinely send to their families back home. That is huge!

“The White House is considering a plan to curb payments sent to Mexico and Central American countries in order to stem a surge of illegal aliens pouring into the United States,” The Epoch Times reported Tuesday. “A senior administration official told reporters on April 10 the plan would restrict remittances from the United States in order to discourage migrants.”

The United States has incentivized people here illegally who are working in jobs illegally with stolen IDs. The illegal aliens send the money home. If these remittances are curbed or eliminated, it will keep many of them from coming into the country.

The President cut aid to the Central American invaders but that’s money the lower class never sees. The money sent home is a BIG INCENTIVE.

This is within days of the former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach listing this as one of his top three ideas to slow or stop illegal immigration. He agrees they might find a way around it, but it should discourage some, at least for a time.

Kobach is in line for the job of immigration csar, a new post.

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