HUGE! Real Russia Connection Involves US Nuclear Secrets


Why isn’t the media covering this? How is this not major, national news? Why isn’t she being investigated immediately? You want to know the real Russia connection? It’s Hillary and the Obama administration.

How can even the left be okay with this??? How?

Obama is the one who told Medvedev to let Putin know he’ll have more power after his next election.

Obama approved the US technology to Russia deal with Hillary, knowing it could be used for hacking and military espionage. Think about it. Hillary gave advanced hacking and nuclear capabilities to Russia.

Obama approved the uranium mine sale to Russia after Hillary, as one of his minions, signed off on it. Hillary’s foundation made a killing off the deal.

This is the real Russia connection.

Let’s not forget the Clintons’ history of collusion with and arms sales to the Chinese communist government.

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george ennis
george ennis
6 years ago

who does this surprise?