HUGE UPDATE! Google Censors Expose of Their Plan to Prevent Another Trump



Google censored the Project Veritas video exposé on its platform, YouTube, Breitbart reported.

The video, which was still available on the Project Veritas website after the removal, featured undercover footage of a top Google employee, Jen Gennai, stating that the company shouldn’t be broken up because only they can prevent the “next Trump situation.”

It has now been removed from the Project Veritas site over a “privacy” claim by Google.

How can we monitor the ethics and behavior of these giant, monopolistic corporations when they control the very means of facilitating that monitoring? We need anti-trust laws.

Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent "Trump situation" in 2020 on Hidden Cam from Project Veritas on Vimeo.


We have known that for a long time. They have been removing my videos, deleting my followers, and making me invisible.

It isn’t Russians we have to worry about as much as our corrupt Americans.


An insider is blowing the whistle on Google and revealed the company’ plans to prevent a “Trump situation” from ever happening again.

The insider said, Google “is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again.”

He said that one Google executive says they don’t want the company broken up because “smaller companies don’t have the resources” to “prevent the next Trump situation.”

The Google chief of responsible innovation says Elizabeth Warren is “misguided” on “breaking up Google.”

Google’s agenda is always present no matter what people search for thanks to their algorithm unfairness.

The insider also said PragerU and Dave Rubin content is suppressed. They were targeted as “right wing.”

When they talk about fairness, they only want fairness for the left.

  • For some reason, in these comments on articles about tech censorship, people HATE when Conservatives say “STOP USING GOOGLE!” But STOP USING GOOGLE. Goes for facebook too. You simply can not cry about being abused when you DELIVER yourself to your abuser. I agree we need to clean these platforms up…but that will probably never happen. So…do something about it YOURSELF and stop using them.

    • My thoughts exactly. You run in traffic at night and then blame the traffic when you get hit by a vehicle.


  • Meanwhile on capital hill the dems are still crying over Russian’s messing with our elections, will they go after these clowns at google and facefart?????….I doubt it because their in bed with them!!!!!

  • This entire criminal govt must go. Yes Google is CIA and YES it must be dismantled. The sooner the better. They are not fighting Donald Trump they are fighting WE THE PEOPLE!! WE WON”T HAVE IT!! They ARE NOT GOING TO WIN THIS THING!! Having a politician for President is a conflict of interest. No more politicians to be president.

    • I don’t like their positions, but exactly what are they doing wrong. If you don’t like them , use bing, or Go duck or one of the others, nobody forces anyone to use google. and how are you damaged? you get ads you don’t want instead of ones you really don’t want. WE need a conservative option. I even left Drudge as it was getting more like a tabloid and went to Whatfinger, which is much better.

  • I just hate presidents that put everyone back to work, lower my taxes, keeps us out of wars, reworks trade deals, and tries to close the borders and simply follow the law. I can see why Dems and lib POS’s like google want him gone. Much harder to destroy America with his values.

  • It won’t work google !! Do you not understand?? This is a movement that will not be stopped. It will be a blowout the likes of which have rarely been seen. It continues to gather momentum as people awaken!!

  • What is revealed in the docs is bizarre indeed. A great deal is about correcting injustices with one example being color photography. They “claim” the use of light skinned people in color calibration led to darker black people not showing up as well. These are the ‘brightest’ engineers and don’t understand basic color properties, that black absorbs light whereas white reflects. Of course light skinned people will show up better in a photograph. Have they no blacks in their business to contrast the two races in a dimly lit room and see the difference. Or, is “light” NOW racist. I cannot believe the utter stupidity of some people, who profess such enlightenment.

  • Big Brother Zucky and Macron have a Napoleonic complex. Zucky has 15,000 censors working for him to remove any offending material, which he gets to define, and call it hate speech. Why anyone would use the FB platform is beyond my comprehension. Facebook has agreed to give French courts the identification data of users suspected of spreading hate speech on the platform, according to a French minister, in what is being described as a world first.
    France’s minister for digital affairs and former top adviser to President Emmanuel Macron, Cedric O, confirmed the agreement on Tuesday, but suggested the ‘courtesy’ would not be extended to other nations.