Hugh Hewitt Says the Four Words Our Senators Best Remember When It Comes to Appointing a Justice


Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt said Senators will lose their jobs if they fail to block an Obama appointment to the Supreme Court. He’s absolutely correct. The US Senate better listen to those four words because they will lose their jobs if they don’t stand strong on this issue.

If they cave – that would do it. Republicans see their freedoms and their rights slipping away. This Supreme Court position is much too serious. Most of the Republican base has bolted as it is which is why 60% or more are voting for anyone who is not part of the establishment.

In an appearance on CNN Sunday, Hugh Hewitt told Dana Bash the unadulterated truth.

HUGH HEWITT: If I were a Republican, whether the majority leader all the way down to the county clerk and every nominee, I would say very simply, no hearings, no votes. Lame ducks don’t make lifetime appointments. And I would say that again —

DANA BASH (HOST): And he’s a lame duck even a year out?

HEWITT: Easily. The last time — Justice Kennedy has been referred to a lot — was nominated in November of 1987 after Judge Bork had been blocked. That vacancy occurred in June of 1987. So there is no precedent. And I would simply add, the base will not forgive anyone. Senators will lose their jobs if they block the blockade. There should be an absolute blockade on this. And [Sen.] Patrick Leahy [(D-VT)], who was your guest earlier, voted 27 times to deny a vote or a hearing to Republican nominees between 2001 and 2003. Patrick Leahy created the conditions that he was decrying right now.

Socialist/Independent Senator Patrick Leahy has a short memory but he’s long on chutzpah. He told Dana Bash today, “And the — it would be a sheer dereliction of duty for the Senate not to have a hearing, not to have a vote. You know, we have got—“





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