Huh? Ferguson Riots Were Caused by White Rage


An African American studies Professor at Emory University, Carol Anderson, angrily and irrationally claimed that Ferguson riots weren’t about black rage but rather white rage.

Her specious argument was posted as an op-ed piece on The Washington Post.

All of you who thought Michael Brown strong-arm robbing a convenience store, all of you who thought the looters – the criminals trying to shoot down police helicopters – the drivebys – the knockout attacks, were about black rage against white police officers were wrong. It was about white rage.

Don’t believe your lying eyes.

Sure blacks committed those crimes, but it is really the redrawn precincts that dilute black votes and reduce black employment that results form all this white rage and causes black rage. Whites want to keep blacks down.

If she said white liberals want to keep blacks down, I’d agree with her.

It is this type of distortion of the truth by yet another liberal or Marxist, that is hurting the black community.

Blacks, as do whites, need to get an education, push to better themselves, not have fatherless families, and stay away from gangs.  That is the problem, not whites.

The liberals tell this nonsense to blacks, they teach them disrespect for white authority and then are shocked when they have no respect for authority at all.

Anderson said, “white rage carries an aura of respectability and has access to the courts, police, legislatures and governors, who cast its efforts as noble, though they are actually driven by the most ignoble motivations.”

She knows our motivations now.

Ms. Anderson states that for every black advancement, there’s a backlash.

That’s why blacks in Ferguson are looting and shooting? Whites are just sitting around waiting to keep blacks down? I don’t know a white who doesn’t want all blacks to advance and make contributions to society.

She’s making excuses for their bad behavior instead of encouraging them to react differently next time, and that encourages them to repeat the bad behavior.

She’s a dope.

“Emancipation brought white resentment that the good ol’ days of black subjugation were over,” she spits out on the pages of The Washington Post.

All whites are resentful that blacks won’t subjugate themselves, according to her, and it’s been going on since the Civil War, she continued. Segregated schools are the whites fault. Private schools leave blacks to rot in public schools. We won’t let blacks vote. The blacks suffer under police brutality. The racism is less overt now but conservatives have come up with photo ID to suppress the black vote.

I can’t even get my medical records or a library book without my photo ID. OF COURSE photo IDs should be required for voting – and not just for registration. Blacks don’t drive? They can’t get a voter ID?

The Tea Party’s assault on the Marxist Big Government is an assault on black jobs, she claims. Predictably, she hates stop and frisk. She says the higher risk home loans are given to blacks in white communities, whites cause blacks to lose their home equity, the white criminal justice is responsible for the mess they’re in as are the police, and don’t forget Trayvon Martin.

Ferguson only makes sense when one realizes it’s about white rage, she claims.

The following is all because of whites and their rage.












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