Huh? What? CNN Says Media Mistakes Are Exactly Why You Should Trust Them


This next story is incredibly bizarre, even for Democrats, and it’s good we have videos so we can prove it to you. David Frum, the senior editor of the Atlantic, excused media’s gross misreporting in a most peculiar way.

CNN just came off a major error. They reported a fake story about Donald Trump Jr. getting secret encryptions keys for Democrat data leaked by Wikileaks. As is turned out, CNN gave the wrong date. The Trumps received the data on the same day everyone else did. It was the Trumps and 12 million other people who read it by that date.

The excuse on Reliable Sources by Mr. Frum is it’s a great process and it’s this process of screwing up that should make us trust them more. [He didn’t say ‘screwing up’ of course]

“The mistakes are precisely the reason people should trust the media. Astronomers make mistakes all the time because science is a process of discovery of truth. Astrologers never make mistakes or at least they never own up to them because what they are offering is a closed system of ideology and propaganda,” Frum told Stelter.

Tell that to your bank and see how it works for you.

He’s comparing the unvetted reporting by the media, which they do to get clicks and hurt Trump, with the process of scientific inquiry.

Frum then said the media is working off lies by the opposition and it’s not their fault basically.

Really? Did the Trumps give them the wrong date of the Wikileaks release? No! Did Trump say Mueller was requesting his bank records from Deutsche bank? No! Did Trump tell Brian Ross to fabricate a story that Ret. Lt. Gen. Flynn would testify against President Trump? No again!

That was mistakes in only one week! And it’s not all the mistakes that were made.

Frum said the opposition tells too many lies for them to keep up and that’s another reason for the false reporting.

Sure, Frum, we’ll fall for that one.

His explanation to a confused Stelter was even more confusing than his previous statements. Journalists only “approximate the truth”, he said, because of “bad faith actors”.

None of that explains why they constantly lie about the Republicans and make up false stories.

This guy is a senior editor! Such is that state of journalism today.

Taking his ridiculous hypothesis into everyday life, one might say women who get beaten by their husbands should put up with it because it’s the process of love.

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