Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills Lied to the FBI But Weren’t Ruined Like Ret. Lt. Gen. Flynn


Huma Abedin should be indicted but there are two justice systems, one for Democrats and another for everyone else. Trump associates are being forced to plead guilty to lying to the FBI and their lives are being ruined. Lying Hillary who actually committed crimes is running around the country on her revenge tour while her lying associates like Cheryl Mills, like Huma Abedin skate.

Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller suggests reports:

The FBI agent who was fired from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation team for sending anti-Donald Trump text messages conducted the interviews with two Hillary Clinton aides accused of giving false statements about what they knew of the former secretary of state’s private email server.

Neither of the Clinton associates, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, faced legal consequences for their misleading statements, which they made in interviews last year with former FBI section chief Peter Strzok.

But another Strzok interview subject was not so lucky.

Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, pleaded guilty last week to lying during an interview he gave on Jan. 24 to Strzok and another FBI agent.

This is sick.

Strzok was sending pro-Clinton, anti-Trump texts to his mistress who worked for the sketchy Andrew McCabe who has ties to Clinton’s donors.

But undercutting those denials are email exchanges in which both Mills and Abedin either directly discussed or were involved in discussing Clinton’s server.

“hrc email coming back — is server okay?” Mills asked in a Feb. 27, 2010 email to Abedin and Justin Cooper, a longtime aide to Bill Clinton who helped set up the Clinton server.

“Ur funny. We are on the same server,” Cooper replied.

And in a Jan. 9, 2011 email exchange, Cooper told Abedin that Clinton’s server had been malfunctioning because “someone was trying to hack us.”

“Had to shut down the server,” wrote Cooper, who told the FBI in his interviews that he discussed Clinton’s server with Abedin in 2009, when it was being set up.

What a corrupt justice department. The union can stop tweeting about how honest and absolutely wonderful they are and demand the leaders develop some ethics.

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