Huma Abedin Sent Secret Passwords to Yahoo Account Before Foreign Agents Hacked


Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak analyzed the latest email dump of 2800 Huma Abedin/Hillary Clinton emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Among them were highly sensitive State Department documents including passwords to government systems. This was before every Yahoo email account was hacked in August, 2013 by unknown foreign agents, and 500 million were again hacked in 2014 by Russians.

The first attack involved 3 billion accounts.

Abedin sent passwords for her government laptop to her Yahoo account on Aug. 24, 2009.

Abedin had three email addresses and the yahoo account clearly displayed her name:

There were several other emails like that.

Here’s the kicker.  The second hack in 2014 was orchestrated by Igor Sushchin, who was charged in March 2017. He was a Russian intelligence officer who also worked as security director for Renaissance Capital which is owned by Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov. That is the same company that gave Bill Clinton half-a-million dollars for a 2010 speech in Russia at the same time the Uranium One deal was going down.

Sushchin’s indictment says “the conspirators sought access to the Yahoo, Inc. email accounts of Russian journalists; Russian and U.S. government officials,” and others. Information about the accounts such as usernames and password challenge questions and answers were stolen for 500 million accounts, the indictment says. The indictment does not mention Abedin’s account.

The 2013 hackers have not been found but a hacker called “Peace” claimed to be selling data from 200 million Yahoo users.

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