Mind-Blowing Hypocrisy! Russiaphobes Huma, Hillary Met With the Russians


The latest FOIA dump from the State Department links Huma Abedin and Hillary Rodham Clinton to the Russians. They worked with the Russians! At the time the memo below was sent in February, 2011, Russia was depriving the Ukraine of vital fuel. Russia was threatening the natural gas supplies of all Europe.

As you see, the Democrats have been involved with the Russians they hate and have met with them. They’re only Russiaphobes when the Republicans are involved.

Do you all remember a month after this email in March, 2011, when left-wing Republican Lindsey Graham said he wanted Clapper gone because he said Russia and China pose the biggest “mortal threats”?

You must remember this:

That’s to say nothing about Hillary’s uranium deal and Podesta’s U.S. technology deal. We didn’t even address the Clinton’s China deals.

How about this next one for mind-blowing hypocrisy.

You must all remember when Justice Alito was called out by then-President Barack Obama for mouthing the words “not-true” to a lie Obama was relating to Congress.

President Barack Obama was criticizing the Supreme Court’s campaign finance decision (Citizens’ United). It’s so much more than that. It was a First Amendment, free speech case that was brought about because wanted to stop a film made about her by Citizens’ United that portrayed her in an unfavorable light. It re-confirmed that that people who form corporations have free speech.

Democrat pervert Anthony Weiner was glad the President called out Alito and the Supreme Court.

“He [Alito] deserved to be criticized, if he didn’t like it he can mouth whatever they want,” Weiner said. “These Supreme Court justices sometimes forget that we live in the real world. They got a real world reminder tonight, if you make a boneheaded decision, someone’s going to call you out on it.”

It’s so much better to have a woman in an ugly white pants suit act like silly goose and give the thumbs down to speeches about acquiring more jobs, improving America, and offering tributes to victims of illegal alien criminals, a Gold Star mother, and so on.



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