Venezuelans Message Our President


The President has come out in strong support of Nicolas Maduro’s opponent who likely won the presidential election in Venezuela earlier this week. The Maduro election was widely viewed by the international community as corrupt.

The President has recognized Juan Guaido as the true President. Most Latin American countries have signed on to the President’s declaration. Trump said the Venezuelans [who live with 1 million percent inflation] have suffered enough.

The people shoot pigeons and rummage through garbage to eat. The basic necessities like toilet paper are not available in the oil-rich country under the failed dictatorship of Democratic Socialist Maduro. The poverty rate is about 90 percent. Unfortunately, they gave up their guns and can’t fight back.

Venezuela is a serious problem for the United States. Last November, Vice President Pence said Venezuela is one of those behind the caravans to the USA.

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández told Vice President Mike Pence that “the caravan was organized by leftist organizations.”


Rep. Alexandria O-Cortez, a Democratic Socialist, is very concerned about the President’s stand against the “democratically-elected Maduro.”

Another Democratic Socialist, Ilhan Omar, came up with the same line, calling it a coup.

Neither Cortez nor Omar understands that Socialist policies caused their dilemma, not sanctions by the U.S. and other countries. The root cause is socialism/communism. Chavez and his hand-picked successor, former bus driver Maduro, seized control of industry and engaged in price controls. They picked winners and losers, did nothing to advance the condition of their energy plants and other industries while the elite wallowed in luxury.

In capitalism, there can be income inequality, but in socialism, there is only income inequality with the rich and poor.

That folks is Democratic Socialism/Socialism/Communism. The fine points of their ideologies are irrelevant. All end up at the same endpoint — Totalitarianism.


This clip is hysterical and came from Reddit. In it, Venezuelans offer to build the wall and PAINT IT if he gets rid of Maduro!

The paint should seal the deal. Can we get rid of our commies and ship them to Venezuela where they can bask in the heavenly rewards of Maduro’s socialism?


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