Hundreds of AL Parents Want LGBT Flag Gone, Thousands More Want to Keep Leftist Symbols


A group of students and parents in Alabama want a rainbow rainbow flag removed from outside a classroom. They have launched a petition which has been signed by 1200 people so far.

The flag was hung during a school fair last week in the name of diversity. Unfortunately, the rainbow flag has become very politically charged and these parents feel that if they can’t have confederate flags, these shouldn’t be up either. Thousands more are demanding it be kept up.

The media is posting the information as if the parents were comparing it to the confederate flag but what they are saying is both are too political. The petition reads:

“We strongly feel that it creates a hostile and provocative learning environment for students not comfortable to openly supporting the LGBTQ+ community in a public school where students come from diverse political and religious backgrounds,” a petition reads about the flag in Auburn.

“We believe it is unprofessional and distracting for a teacher to be so openly displaying their political views in an unbiased and socially neutral public setting,” the petition says, adding that “subjecting or explicitly exposing students from diverse political backgrounds to political views differing from theirs can make students uncomfortable and distract them.”

The petition — started by Andrew Monk and directed at Principal Shannon Pignato — compares the pride symbol to hanging a Confederate flag.

“[T]he signers of this petition would like for you to consider the uproar and chaos that would ensue were a teacher to hang for example a Confederate, Christian, or Heterosexual Flag in their classroom,” the petition says.

“There would likely be protests, emails from teachers, and threatening of lawsuits from parents with differing viewpoints. As such, one does not see teachers hanging these flags in classrooms due to the same argument that it is unprofessional and can create a hostile and unideal learning environment.”

The principal is working on the concerns.

A counter-petition against the original petition has sprung up on, garnering much more traction with more than 6,800 supporters.

“Auburn High School is a diverse and equitable school recognized for its achievements in education,” the counter-petition reads.

“In the real world, to suggest individuals be isolated from differing political views is an absurdity. To be made uncomfortable by opinions differing to your own is to function as a modern human. Attempting to insulate a student from political discourse would be an insult to their intelligence,” it continues.

The petition goes on to say: “Lastly, and most importantly, the pride flag and the AHS Educate club has served to provide a healthy environment for our LGBT+ peers to feel comfortable being who they truly are. The flag represents this safe space, and frankly, the sentiment for removing the pride flag is an affront to the work that has been done nationally to fight for recognition of the community.”

Thousands don’t want anything that represents their Civil War history but it’s fine to put up anything that affects leftist ideology.

In general, the gender nonsense has gone way out of control for many

Children are being taught transgenderism is an option for children as young as 3 years of age. Parents of one California kindergarten class don’t appreciate their children being taught that it is. The children were frightened by a teacher promoting it. The children thought they might suddenly up and change genders which scared them. The teacher used an allegedly ‘approved’ book. Approved by whom?

Kindergarten is way too young but you do currently have leftists changing their children’s gender as young as age 3, which is seen as child abuse by many.

People who live as gender fluids and transgenders live difficult lives. Is it something that should be taught as desirable for the very young before they know which end is up? Can’t they have their childhood?


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