Hundreds of Businesses and Homes Boarded Up, Knife Arches in London


The residents of Notting Hill prepared for the annual Carnival this past Sunday and Monday by boarding up their properties. Hundreds of businesses and homes were boarded up to try and protect them from the path of destruction this London parade usually engenders. This is London under Sadiq Khan.

Police installed metal-detecting knife arches.

Scotland Yard will deploy more officers than they have in six years. Additionally, officers have been given the power to stop and search which helps considerably.

About 13,000 officers were deployed to discourage criminals. Nearly 7,000 officers from the Violent Crime Task Force policed the two-day event to “combat the threat of violent crime”.

Undercover police flooded the streets.

There were 370 arrests for drugs, weapons charges, assaults on police, criminal damage and sexual crimes. More than 30 officers were injured.

It doesn’t help that Khan, who is tied to radical Islamists, is incompetent. It’s interesting that the BBC just raved about what a great rum, reggae carnival it was. They didn’t mention how challenging it was for the officers or how 30 officers were injured.

Their gun bans doesn’t really protect them.

It’s a crazy Reggae carnival:

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5 years ago

And can you imagine, those boneheads and their ilks are protesting when Trump insists on the wall, and what do they do? They build their own walls surrounding their properties. Disgusting.