Hundreds of Chinese Commies Divorce to Get Bigger Houses


The Chinese Communists are encouraging divorce now. It wasn’t their intent but a new rule they imposed wasn’t thought through very well and it allows divorced people to get bigger houses and more money.

If couples get divorced, they each get a house, which when combined, gives them double the living area. So, they are divorcing.

Now the Chinese have to figure a way to stop the scamming.

via Your Jewish News

Hundreds of Chinese couples are divorcing so they can get bigger houses and more money.

Happily married couples including elderly people and who have been married for many years have flooded the Bureau of Civil Affairs of the Jiangnan District to get their marriages dissolved, after a new housing policy allows them to double the size of their homes if they are divorced.

The government ordered people to relocate and the government will compensate them with a house and money. According to the Jiangnian district government’s policy, each married couple will get a house measuring approximately 240-square meters, while each single person is also entitled to a  240-square meter house. Therefore if a couple is divorced even if they live together, they would be counted as two and get a 480- square meter house.

Government officials have called an emergency meeting to see what can be done to stop people from the scam divorce….


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