Hundreds of Delegates Are In Revolt Against Donald Trump



A conference call with about 1,000 Republicans throughout the United States discussed the movement to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the Republican presidential nominee at the convention in Cleveland next month.

If true, that’s quite a jump from the three dozen who started the movement. The hill said they don’t have confirmation of the numbers on the call or who were just listening in.

One of the organizers said that about 250 of the people were delegates to the Republican National Convention.

The movement is to change the convention rules to unbind the delegates so they could vote for whoever they want on the first vote. They need 51% of the rules committee to change the rules and 51% of the total delegates in the end.

This will devastate and destroy the party.

Former Ted Cruz backer Steve Lonegan who is leading a super-PAC supporting the effort insists he has no candidate in mind to replace Trump.

On a side note, Ted Cruz has not released his delegates and his supporters are still fighting on. They want him to be the face of the conservative movement.

This entire movement is ill-conceived, It’s too late. Trump’s supporters will never vote for another candidate and Republicans will lose more than the presidency IMHO. The establishment is dead but don’t seem to realize it.


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6 years ago

I had not heard about this, thanks.

People that want to destroy the country are not concerned with destroying a party.

I am steadfast – I will never vote for a “republican” that follows what has been going on in the party for years now.