Hundreds of Teens Rampage Through Park, Terrorizing Kids


Hundreds of teens identified as Somalis rampaged through the Valley Fair Amusement Park in Shakopee, Minnesota. It was the first night of the ValleyScare activities.

Police said, “The number of individuals running throughout the park increased substantially and was difficult to control.” They had to shut the park down early as the numbers of teens in the mob grew to hundreds.

People described them fighting, terrorizing children, pushing children, knocking over Halloween props.

One victim said the media doesn’t want this out because three Muslims are running for office.




  1. Time to start sending these third world hellions back to their shit holes! It’s obvious they will never assimilate! Why should we keep them here, they are obviously not happy, feel entitled to do whatever the hell they want! We are most likely paying for their stay! Enough!

  2. This Peggy lady is DRAMA! She was not there and talking hearsay to her following. Jason Lit said it correctly! It was a bunch of unsupervised kids getting into one scuffle after another. Plan and simple. PEGGY is talking shit saying Samolis were taking weapons in the park etc!

    • Funny how the “unsupervised kids” all happened to be Somalis. Pure coincidence I’m sure. Nothing to do with the violent culture that turned their homeland into a toilet, only for them to bring it here and turn Minnesota into one too.

  3. i hope you liberals think back in the near future when where fighting these 7th century goat humping savages from the religion of the insane… they will take your daughters as war prizes and kill the rest of you.

  4. They love nasty Muslims in Minnesota, vote for them every chance they get. ATTENTION NASTY MUSLIMS, MINNESOTA IS THE PLACE TO BE .. VIOLENT LIVING, RAPES AND RAMPAGES FOR ALL. Please encourage these nasty animals to ALL move to Minnesota and rape all they want.

    • not sticking up for them and I believe EVERY non white should be thrown out no matter what religion but the USA has killed millions and millions recently. muslims are not even close

  5. the result of empire play out in the suburbs of france, or cities like bradfordistan in the uk and now in amerika. the deal is, the rich make the money and you have to deal with consequences. arm up my friends you are dealing with deceitful suits at top and savage animals at bottom—protected by p.c. speech…your call….

  6. I am glad that happened cause purple lipped obama won Minnesota TWICE . and I bet all the guilt ridden suicidal whites in that area welcomed these cannibals and would not mind if their daughters mate with them. one lady above said this is not about race!!!! see what I mean?? ALL IT IS ABOUT IS RACE where whites deserve to live with ONLY whites in the country they built

  7. As the old saying goes, you can take the savage out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the savage. Here is more proof as if we need it.

  8. Welcome to the world of “cultural enrichment”, brought to you by the Democrat part and their Republican enablers. My Grandparents would have gone after these animals. What the hell is wrong with us.

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