Hungarian Government to Turn the Screws to Soros’s Socialist NGOs


George Soros, committed Socialist

Prime Minister Viktor Orban might be getting ready to “turn the screws” to Soros-backed NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), yahoo news reportsThe right-wing premier is emboldened by Donald Trump’s victory to more closely monitor the socialist NGOs who are pushing globalization along with their charity work in his country.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban
Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Hungary Is Looking to Clean Them Up or Out

NGO’s are alleged charities and good works organizations that also spread leftist ideology and are not held accountable for their fundraising and spending.

Socialist billionaire George Soros is possibly first on the Hungarian chopping block. His NGO’s are running around spreading socialism and convincing people open borders is beneficial.

Last week, the head of Orban’s ruling party, Fidesz, said NGOs should be “cleaned out of here.”

Szilard Nemeth said that criticism of government policies by “fake” civil organisations set up to “influence politics” by Soros and others was “impermissible”.

Nemeth vowed this week to use “all tools at its disposal” to crack down on the 86-year-old billionaire’s network of charities and accused it of “serving global capitalists” and backing “political correctness over national governments.”

Orban backed off that statement somewhat with a follow-up statement by one of Orban’s ministers.

“We’re not going to sweep out anybody,” Janos Lazar, the minister in charge of Orban’s office, told reporters in Budapest on Thursday. Still, he said foreign organizations’ books would be audited because “every Hungarian has a right to know who wants to influence them” from abroad.

The NGOs are alarmed and are calling it “NGO-bashing”.

NGOs Are Not Transparent

“The notion that we should be swept away like rubbish or have no right to comment on politics shows their arrogant intolerance of different views,” co-chair of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee (NGO), Marta Pardavi told AFP.

In fact, NGOs rely on foreign funding to operate by her own admission. In other words, this is not in any way representative of the Hungarian people. Dozens of these groups have alleged financial irregularities. Russia is after them also.

Soros and his corrupt influence needs to be addressed in the US as well. The Clintons helped to bring the sketchy billionaire into the country.

Despite the growing level of funds channelled through NGOs (or maybe because of it), fraud and corruption are highly sensitive topics with most NGOs continuing to foster a policy of non-transparency.

Fraud in NGOs is often found by accident or gleaned from newspaper articles which is the tip of the iceberg.

A KPMG survey found that 77% of all fraud investigations never reach the public domain, and 54% are not even communicated internally.  In a 2014 survey into fraud in the Australian NGO sector, 54% of respondents advised that they did not report fraud to the Police because of “concerns relating to the impact of future funding opportunities, and potential damage to the organization’s reputation”.

NGOs Are Part of a Global Power Structure

Orban has expressed support for Trump and his views, particularly about George Soros and the Soros global power structure

Trump accused the 86-year-old billionaire of being part of “a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.”

The Wikileaks email would back that up.

The Open Society Foundation, Soros’s main conduit for aid to more than 60 Hungarian NGOs, has spent more than $1.6 billion on democratic development in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union in the past 30 years.

Other countries have also targeted the charity. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s administration banned it in 2015, saying that it threatened the country’s security and constitution. Authorities in the former Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan shut down the group’s local office in 2004. In Israel, lawmakers passed a bill last year requiring foreign-funded NGOs to disclose the source of donations from abroad if such payments make up more than half of their funding.

Trained Socialists

NGOs, particularly those backed by Soros, are “trained socialists” combatting alleged “xenophobia” by pushing open borders to combat the will of the people. They push globalization.

Soros intends to keep funding these Hungarian NGOs. 

“The Open Society Foundations will continue to work in Hungary despite government opposition to our mission of fairer, accountable societies,” Christopher Stone, President of the Open Society Foundations, said in a statement emailed to Reuters.

“In Hungary and around the world we are more focused than ever on working with local groups to strengthen democratic practice, rights and justice.”

Hungarian officials have accused Soros-backed NGOs of posing a national security risk during Europe’s migration crisis by allegedly colluding with human-smugglers and “terrorists”.

Pushing globalization over sovereignty does qualify as a national security risk. Soros mostly funds leftist education grants. He does good work too and even helped fund Orban’s education as a young man.

Leftists are trying to make it into a case of anti-Semitism but Soros is no friend to Jews. It’s a case of a billionaire using his influence to convince nations sovereignty should be abandoned for his vision of a one world government. Some might call this neo-communism.




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