Hungary Kicks George Soros Out of His Native Country


Hard-left George Soros is being kicked out of “repressive Hungary”, his homeland. A Soros Open Society Foundations official reported on Tuesday it would shut its office in Budapest and move to Berlin. They are leaving “an increasingly repressive political and legal environment” in Hungary.

Lucky Hungary.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has repeatedly accused Soros and his Open Society Foundations [OSF] of promoting open borders, among other destructive globalist goals. He has been working at getting rid of him.

At one time Soros was a benefactor to many prominent figures in Fidesz, Orbán’s party, including Orbán. That was in the early years of Hungary’s transition from communism. That quickly changed when Soros’s plans became clear in establishing what Orbán called a “mafia state” with a “facade of democracy”.

The prime minister vowed to “stop Soros” from “executing his grand plan and his grand business project” after a conference in June. Previous to this, he had asked eligible voters for their views and he says an overwhelming majority back him.

The Socialist troublemakers of OSF will still support so-called support “civil society groups” in Hungary, they say.

“The government of Hungary has denigrated and misrepresented our work and repressed civil society for the sake of political gain, using tactics unprecedented in the history of the European Union,” OSF president Patrick Gaspard said in a statement.

Oh, sure.

Soros funds evil, Communist, Socialist, Globalist groups to cause chaos and anti-Americanism.

Soros has been trying to turn Hungary to the far-left.

Orban wants to stop the open border policies and won in a landslide. The hard-left media has been falsely portraying Orban as hardline. Orban wants to maintain the country’s sovereignty and character after decades under Communist rule — that’s not hardline.

Maybe this clip explains why Hungary doesn’t like the old Nazi — he wants to control the world, make it conform to his globalist view:

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