Yay! Rep. Duncan Hunter Takes Down Police as Pigs Painting


Painting hanging in the MO capitol depicts police as pigs terrorizing poor African-Aemricans.
Painting hanging in the US Capitol Building depicts police as pigs terrorizing poor African-Americans.

Rep. Duncan Hunter took down the photo of cops as pigs hanging in the US Capitol reports Fox News.

Rep. Duncan Hunter

“I was angry,” Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., told FoxNews.com. “I’ve seen the press [reporting] on this for about a week or so. … I’m in the Marine Corps. If you want it done, just call us.”

The Representative and several other colleagues unscrewed it from the wall and delivered it to Rep Lacy Clay. It was Rep. Clay who okayed the hanging of the painting by a high school boy in Missouri, David Pulphus.

The painting drew outrage from law enforcement groups.

The wall looks much better now.

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