Hurricane Dorian Washes Cocaine Ashore into the Drug-Addled USA


Hurricane Dorian washed bricks of cocaine on to the Florida shores.

On Tuesday, as the hurricane crept along the state’s east coast, a beachgoer at Paradise Beach Park in Melbourne came across a package containing a kilogram of cocaine that washed ashore, according to CNN.

The person pointed out the “suspicious package” to an officer, who then took it into custody, Melbourne city spokeswoman Cheryl Mall told the network. The package later tested positive for cocaine.

Last Friday, another beachgoer reportedly discovered a duffel bag filled with 15 bricks of kilogram at Cocoa Beach, 20 miles away from Paradise Beach Park, according to Cocoa Beach police Sgt. Manny Hernandez. The find was worth at least $300,000, Florida Today notes.

“There is a possibility that more will come onshore. Especially now with these conditions,” Hernandez told the newspaper. “It could be coming from anywhere.”

The policeman cautioned residents to be cautious around similar finds, claiming any washed-up cocaine could “go into your pores and you can overdose.”

We have a drug-addled society and the drugs come in from everywhere because Americans are willing to buy drugs from cartels and mess up their lives or the lives of others.

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