The Potential Nuclear Power Plant Attack They Aren’t Talking About

Power plant in Doel, Belgium
Power plant in Doel, Belgium

There is little doubt that ISIS will use nuclear weapons. It’s only a matter of time if we don’t wipe them out.

The Brussels jihadis were trying to make a radioactive bomb. Experts say they many have been plotting to steal nuclear material as eleven plant workers have had their access revoked out of fears on “insider help”.

Their original plan was to target a nuclear power plant. They may have detonate at the plant or gained entry to get “dirty bomb” materials. Jihadis filmed 12 hours of footage of power chief’s home as part of a plan to kidnap him. The creators of the footage were the Bakraoui brothers the Brussels bombers who are part of large cells operating throughout France, Belgium and elsewhere.

Jihadi brothers Khalid and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui had secretly filmed the daily routine of Belgium’s nuclear programme chief but likely they switched targets to the less well-guarded airport and Maelbeek Metro station after authorities became suspicious.

If the terrorists had struck there, it could have caused a catastrophe. The plant lies in a heavily populated area about 50 miles from each of Belgium’s borders with Germany, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. One Belgian plant is only 90 miles from Kent.

Alternatively, the brothers could have been plotting to steal nuclear material to make a dirty bomb.

The UN Atomic Chief is now warning ofnuclear terrorism but Obama does not see them as an existential threat.

The world needs to do more to prevent “nuclear terrorism”, the head of the UN atomic watchdog has warned ahead of an important summit and in the wake of the Brussels terror attacks.

“Terrorism is spreading and the possibility of using nuclear material cannot be excluded,” International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Yukiya Amano told AFP in an interview late Thursday.

“Member states need to have sustained interest in strengthening nuclear security,” he said. “The countries which do not recognise the danger of nuclear terrorism is the biggest problem.”

Don’t worry, Barack Obama is on it. He knows how to stop ISIS. You tell them “you are weak.” Click the arrow. He sounds so lethargic.

Retired Navy Captain Chuck Nash told Charles Payne of Fox Business, “Both of these brothers were arrested in Brussels last week and they let them back out again. We are totally unprepared, the civilized world in the west, we are totally unprepared with the threat … the militant Islam is the lung cancer, ISIS, al Qaeda are merely the symptoms of an underlying disease.”

This is a president who sees little difference between communism, socialism and capitalism. He said so this week and you can read more here…

At least we know that when he leads from behind, he can tango if not lead from behind as well.

Source: Daily Mail


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