Hysterical Media, Democrats Circle Fake News Report Wagon


As we await the FISA abuse memo, a hysterical media and Democrat Party are distracting with a story about Trump obstructing justice, based on his thinking about firing Mueller. We now know he didn’t “order” it. It’s all tied to the memo.

The FISA abuse memo compiled by Devin Nunes and other members of the House Intelligence Committee might be released as early as Monday.

It is being reported that the memo could end the Mueller probe.

The left will not let that happen.

Adam Schiff told Lawrence O’Donnell that Trump was guilty of obstruction in not firing special counsel Mueller because he had “intent” and that’s obstruction.

His claim is based on a now-debunked NY Times story claiming Trump ordered the firing which turned out to not be true. The story was reluctantly debunked by CBS News, but the media and politicians are going with it as if if were factual news.

We are to accept Trump’s guilty because he thought about it. There are other hit pieces out there but this seems to be the hit piece du jour.

On the CNN ‘Newsroom’, Page Pate said Trump’s use of the phrase “fight back” as “evidence of obstruction of justice.”

The panel agreed he is guilty of “obstruction of justice” because of his “intent”.

Even Comey said he didn’t think “intent” should be in the law. Intent means prosecutors get to read peoples’ minds.


Pollster Larry Sabato said it would be a terrible mistake if Trump did fire Mueller. “Well, they have to try to do something. I think there is a real fear, legitimate fear, that if cornered, President Trump will try to fire Bob Mueller. Obviously, he did try earlier in the year in June.”

Apparently, Sabato didn’t get the CBS memo. Trump never “ordered” McGahn to fire Mueller in June. He discussed it with staff.

NeverTrumper Sabato continued. “The amazing thing is that with all of the resources, of all of these news organizations, all the sources they now have confirming that President Trump did indeed want to fire Bob Mueller, you still have President Trump calling it, quote, false news. Fake news. It is not fake. It is not false.”

Oh, but it is fake. There was never any “order” to McGahn and while McGahn did allegedly think of quitting, he never discussed that with Trump and it was not tied to the firing of Mueller.

Based on fake news, Sabato says Trump will try firing Mueller and the people [Soros people] will pour into the streets.

Susan Collins is out telling media that thinking of firing Mueller “was a bad idea”. Democratic Rep. Nita Lowey said on CNN Newsroom that it’s “outrageous” Trump was considering firing Mueller. [What is more outrageous? Lowey’s open borders views!]


This is what was reported by CBS last night debunking the NY Times:

White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign from his position in June 2017– but it was not in direct response to President Trump’s discussion of firing newly appointed special counsel Robert Mueller. Two sources directly involved in the deliberations tell CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett that McGahn’s threat was not communicated directly to Mr. Trump, but adjudicated by senior staff, principally then-chief of staff Reince Priebus and then-chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Garrett reports that while Mr. Trump talked about firing Mueller, he never issued a direct “order” to do so in any written form, although he did say he favored it in the presence of senior staff.

So what? He FAVORED it? That’s what they are going to get him on? Who wouldn’t want to fire that corrupt jerk who hired a slew of Hillary donors and oversaw an out-of-control FBI?



  1. No matter the version of the story the one undeniable factor is it revolved around a legal determination. THIS is where all report the conversation ended. Therefore, no obstruction. Trump would have had to, at least, go one step further, which all say never materialized. It’s all “wishful thinking”.

    • Greg, we have long enjoyed your cool headed and clear analysis of the muddied issues by the Fake news sources and stories, You are like a cool headed Marine Lt. or NCO in the midst of the battle who can make decisions which will win or turn the tide of the battle. What is amazing to me is Adam Schitt’s intentional LIE, advising that when Pres. Trump “thought” about and “discussed” firing the corrupt Mueller, this thought and discussion constituted intent to commit “obstruction of justice” Adam Schitt is a lawyer and former Federal Prosecutor and his intentional lie to the American public should have some consequences as well as his attempts to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE in his further attempts to prevent release of the Memo and other information which the American public, voters, are entitled to see and hear. Adam Schitt should be prosecuted, because his efforts constitute more than “politics” I am a former Marine Officer and a lawyer who used to respect Mueller and Rosenstain, but now realize after learning FACTS that they are just another phony latticework of corruption at the highest levels of the FBI and the Department of Justice.
      I called Adam Schitt’s offices and politely stated that I expected Adam Schitt to be prosecuted for his efforts to obstruct justice. Adam Schitt has consistently proven that he is just a shill and not someone who protects our Democratic Republic.

      • As a Marine OFFICER And Lawyer you far exceeded my duty in the Navy as a low-level person.

        The main advantage is probably due to Not having a TV until my teen years, but we had books and more books. I remember how Excited we all were when our Mother had decided to purchase the New Encyclopedia Brittanica.

        There was also the added benefit of discussing all kinds of issues at the that time. How many parents actually ordered a copy of the Congressional Record, especially given it was free to the public at that time. It wasn’t until C-Span that the general public became aware of the “revise and extend remarks” allowing Members to say one thing on the floor and the “Record” being different.

  2. Mueller was supposedly hired to look into possible Russian interference in the 2016 election but now seems to be investigating unrelated unpaid parking tickets and overdue library books in order to charge President Trump and his aides with something, there needs to be a time limit on wasting taxpayer money looking for a crime.More than a year is more than sufficient to find at least one piece of evidence of ‘Russian collision’ but now its Trump thought about firing Mueller !!!!!!!!! maybe the next twitter movement should be “End the Mueller Witch Hunt#”

    • Rosenstein has talked about a verbal agreement he has with Mueller on the scope. But he does not tell us what that scope is. He gave Mueller an open scope in the creation.

  3. I very much enjoy reading your posts. You’re all very intelligent – all the posters to the site are. I learn a lot from you all. I rely on Facebook for views and that’s where I get most comments. Facebook is gradually diminishing my reach and their new tactic will make me invisible. I’m grateful to have loyal people like you come back.

  4. Well, well, well, Trey Gowdy is at it again. For some time I have been suspicious of him when I began to notice how he framed questions to someone on the hot seat. Conservatives have praised him for a good while for one main reason, he’s boisterous. Because he would speak up with indignation that evidently sufficed for some. I fell for the charade also, Until, I began to realize his method of questioning.

    NOW, he has stated “counseling” Chairmen Nunes and believes he has taken it under advisement. How many times have we heard how “great” a prosecutor Trey Gowdy is. I am wondering if Nunes is falling for this charade. Gowdy says the Memo answers legitimate questions, but, But, the FBI Should examine it and undoubtedly they will work against it being released. This is the same Gowdy that “concluded” Susan Rice was free from any wrongdoing. So, can Gowdy even be trusted. The more time spent quibbling over these details allows those in DOJ / FBI to fabricate reasons the Memo should Never see the light of day.

    How is it that Gowdy had virtually little net worth, to NOW being reportedly worth MILLIONS in just a few short years.

    Note: I’m not on Any social media platforms. My daughter tried and failed to lure me into that platform. I won’t even post a comment on a site where I have to create an account.

    • Nunes is determined to get results after the deep state tried to discredit him. Ryan allowed that phony ethics investigation against Nunes to go on for 6+ months during which time Nunes was out of the investigation. Gowdy just wants to stall things again.

  5. All the democrats and all the MSM ‘Journalists’ spout exactly the same language in their talking points. This happens time after time when attacks are launched against President Trump. Someone is coordinating it.

  6. As for the Nunes Memo, I wonder if has something to do with his March 2017 visit to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB) Information Facility to review documents delivered most likely by the ODNI,He came under a lot of heat for that visit, stepped aside as chairman of the committee,after the visit he gave a press conference in which he said……..”On numerous occasions the [Obama] intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S. citizens involved in the Trump transition.”…… “Details about U.S. persons associated with the incoming administration; details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting.”…..” I have confirmed that additional names of Trump transition members were unmasked.”……..“Fourth and finally, I want to be clear; none of this surveillance was related to Russia, or the investigation of Russian Russian activities”…………His last statement is interesting because what he reviewed was “not related to Russia, or the FBI Russian counter-intelligence investigation” so it was likely info gathered for the President(OBAMA and CO) to see if they could get some kinda dirt on Trump and co. Release the Memo!!!!!!!

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